I went to the SMtown concert last weekend and it was AMAZING!!!

Pictures to come!

Also went to the first and only Taco Bell in Korea that weekend... and just work since.

I've bought a carry-on suitcase and some things for my family this last weekend.  My trip is becoming a little more real!  about 2 weeks to go!!



Nothing much going on lately... BUT... i bought plane tickets to go home!!!!  woohooo!!!!

for those that are in my home town... the following information is for you!

I'm arriving late in Dallas on the 14th of September and traveling home... then staying till the 25th to when i have to return to my lovely Korea...

I'm super excited to be heading out to Texas and being with family... now that it's been over a year!  hahaha!

I also got a new hair-do, which I'm super excited about!  lol!

and i went to everland last weekend with my friend Kelsey!  I'll post pictures soon!!

THIS weekend, I am going to be watching a 6-hour concert in a little place near me!  I'm so excited!  Seeing some of my favorite groups... which include:  SHINee!!!  others are:  SNSD (Girl's Generation) and Super Junior

Can't wait!  I'm at school currently so I can't post any pics but once I get a chance!!  Expect a ton!

This week.

So I didnt get to the swimming pool.  I've been sick on and off this week... which sucks with being on vacation!  So I rested Thursday and met up with Kelsey on Friday to go to Gyeonbok Palace.  I've been there before but it's sill super awesome!  pics will come soon!  Today, I was going to attempt to walk around Achasan and maybe climb the mountain a little but it was cloudy while threatening to rain... which I didnt want to risk.  But tomorrow I plan to go out and see what the world has to offer!

Look forward to pics of Gyeonbok Palace and Achasan area!