Nami Island~~

So today, Youngsu and I decided to head out to Nami Island for the first time and spend they day outside~~  Here's a few pictures of our time.  Before starting your day on Nami Island, you should first buy a visa (ticket) as the theme of Nami Island is it's a whole 'nother country.  Also named Nami-Nara (Nara meaning country).  It boasts UNICEF and has a lot of places and information on how to help with the cause.  I was quite impressed.  Also, you could use a zip-wire to get to the island but this option cost a bit more.  We also saw many people bungee jumping... you can see one guy's picture at the end.  I bought the tickets and ended up getting us both foreigner priced "visas" at 8,000 won a piece.  This deal is only until December so if you want to go, you should check out this price or pay 10,000 after that date (I guess... haha it's not a big difference really). We later used the 2,000 we saved to buy ice-cream >.<  We saw lots of couples and families and enjoyed spending the day outdoors and getting some sun~

Hope you enjoy our pictures~

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A day at Achasan Children's Park for our 100일~~

Youngsu and I celebrated our 100 days in Achasan at the Children's Park.  We brought along our little yorkie, Toto (even though she really wasn't allowed... haha).

Here's some pictures from our day.  we were just lazy and lounged around until we decided to visit some of Youngsu's friends... AND before we decided to call my parents ^.~

At the end of the night, we called my folks cause Youngsu had something to ask my daddy...

Youngsu asked my dad if he could marry me... and of course my daddy said yes~~ I have pictures from our webcam but I think my mom would kill me as it was early in the morning.  hahaha~


This blog might turn into a wedding blog... oh my~

수락산!~ Surak Mountain

Alright... I didn't wait another month to write a post!  aren't you proud?!

Well this past weekend, I had the chance to hang out with my boyfriend's best friends in a little valley in a mountain.  The valley was really nice and cool.  Even though there was no sun to warm the watering hole everyone was jumping in, we all had fun anyway!

I prepared us some lunch~ Which consisted of tuna kimbap, heart-shaped egg rolls, fruit: kiwi and green apple slices, Hoddeok which is sugar-filled korean-style pancake, kimchi, carrots, potatoes and some Sikhae (I call it rice juice~).  I definitely felt very Korean housewife but it made me happy to do it and provide for his friends.

They really enjoyed the food.  And even asked me to make kimbap again next time!~  hahaha!!

There was seating in a few different spots.  You could sit at a table directly in the water or off to the side.  We decided (well there wasn't much choice to it... haha) to sit to the side.  Even though it was a cloudy day and was raining a bit... there were A LOT of people.

Overall, it was one of the best days I've had in Korea.  I can't wait to take more trips like this too~  We swam in the icy waters while it was raining and watched the men wrestle with each other, while being surprised at the young kids who didn't even mind that it was so cold!~ It was the best.


 After we got tired and changed, we headed back to the nowon-gu area and hung out at his friends house.  Then everyone decided they were hungry again and we made it to a yummy meat restaurant... so good!

I can't wait for the next trip!!~~


It's August!  How times flies... seriously!!

Well last month didn't consist of much~

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 100 days (a bit....early) and went to Namsan tower to put up our love locks~

We also have a new little guest in our house~  so precious~

So I'm gonna add some pictures from the fun that we've had so far~


Little angel, Toto~

Being greeted at the door by my cuties~~  Uyu and Toto~~ side-by-side just sitting and waiting~~ ^^