On the search again...

And so... the search begins again.

It looks like I'll be looking for a new job once again.  I was informed on Friday that my school wants to change me and my co-teacher because our program is not doing well.  Therefore it's our fault.

So I have to find a new job and a new house by the end of December.  Youngsu and I kinda see this as a blessing in disguise cause well... I can move closer to him in Nowon and since this school didn't turn out as I wanted, I can find a better job with higher pay (hopefully~)

At the moment, we're just trying to figure out how things will work because it seems that I won't be getting a few things that I would normally get if I finish my full contract.  So we'll see.

Apartment hunting seems to be the most fun at the moment.

As it seems we'll be busy for a while and strained on money... I might not be blogging as much but as soon as we do something fun and get moved and settled... I'll be back!

 See you all soon~~

도봉산~ Dobong Mountain~

Last weekend, after fighting off a bit of a what I thought was a random cold but actually turned out to be a lymph node swelling in my neck, Youngsu and I went hiking with his mom and brother at Dobong Mountain.  It was a really great area and although it was one of the easier mountains... I have to admit... it was tough.  His mom is an absolute PRO at hiking and I tried my best to keep up with her but alas... it was impossible.  So Youngsu and I stayed behind and took our time going up the mountain.  A lot of it I think had to do with my problem so I think hopefully next time I'll have an easier time keeping up.  Here's some pictures from our mountain trip~

 Younger brother, mom, and me~
 Youngsu, mom, and me~~