Wow it's been since the end of January since I even blogged...

A lot has happened.  I started a new job, I moved to a new area, and I have a dog that I'm taking care of, along with the boys (my cats).

The new apartment is much better!  I love the area I'm in and things seem to be going well in life.  As best as they can with new jobs and new learning experiences...

The cherry blossoms have started blooming and I don't need to go anywhere, as they are right outside of my apartment.

Take a look for yourself!  (The path next to my house)

Soon, I'll update with more details of what I'm doing and how I'm doing!  Maybe even some apartment pics for those that need to believe there is something better out there than some of the shoe-boxes we live in.

Sorry for such delay in everything!!

Love to all!