11 days...13 hours...and 48 minutes...

So as you can tell...I'm counting down to graduation...(i actually should be napping right about now...ugh stupid emotions!)...although i'm counting down i dont think it's hit me that i am moving back home and setting off to S.K. in less than 3 months 1/2 months (shooting for July) and that means I wont see my friends for a whole year as well as my family. It's going to go from seeing my friends every day and every other day to not any time soon... it's scary... i was driving home from my class thinking about how nice it will be to take a nap. then remembering that it would be nice to have a going away/ graduation dinner since steph (my roommate) and i are both moving out and graduating... i wanted to cry especially thinking about how 3 years ago...i graduated high school and left my friends then too and how it never worked out when it came to staying in contact...i dont want to lose touch with people...i wonder if it could happen so easily?

so far i'm counting on: iChat and webcamming since I probably won't have a phone...
postcards/ cards in general/ e-mails/ all that fun stuff

I love you my wonderful friends and will miss you tremendously. please get a webcam :]

Keep it Simple...
Life that is...

:) New Obsessions...

Okay so after reading a million blogs and learning about people's different experiences...I tend to catch onto a few things like what people feel about K-Pop (Korean Pop-Music) and what-not...well I'm completely obsessed I think now...lol! My roommate definitely might hate me for this after she sees this posted up but I can't help it!! This is one that I've watched a million times...These are the Wonder Boys and they are made up of several members from different pop groups in Korea. They actually sing in the video below 2 songs from 2 different girl groups and mimic their dance moves...which turns out really well! lol! Well they come together to form the Wonder Boys and are a male version of the Wonder Girls <-- watch this AFTER you've watched the video below!...it's really interests me because the Wonder Boys are just fearless! lol! i love it! :]

hope you enjoy!

Keep it Simple...
Life that is...

just a thought

I know I'm probably exhausting anyone reading this with some pointless messages but I really like this quote that I got in an e-mail just a few minutes ago...:

"When did we start believing that [He] wants to send us to safe places to do easy things?

[He] wants to send us to dangerous places to do difficult things."

~ Mark Batterson

Not that South Korea is dangerous but that it's a risk for me to go with having so much money to pay back in loans. As a good friend from my internship told me..."don't worry so much on your loans"...or in other words don't worry too much because eventually they'll get paid off and for now i need to go out and have fun. I'm 20 years old! I can't waste my life away by going straight into business...especially when I dont know what I want to do with my life yet. I mean seriously...God has given me a lot and I think that this is another one of those things he's giving me. I know that he'll provide a way for me to get things paid off....even if it takes some time...which I have a lot of...

Also...I forgot to mention my 23rd item which i've also added to my list...I need a 3G network phone that is compatible with the network in Korea...and wouldn't you know it...the iPhone is the thing that probably will work the best...lol :]

so: 23.) iPhone

All the Time in the World...

No one else can speak the words on your Lips

annyeong! (hello!) annyeonghaseyo? (how's it going?) gamsahamnida (Thank you!)

So you may wonder why I've got random Korean words at the top of my blog...well I'm trying to learn Korean! Isn't that exciting! lol I'm trying to figure it out and make it easy so I'll listen to different podcast such as the Kimchi girls and they're really funny and make it fun and easy to learn! lol! I also have Korean for Dummies which is so fun when I get a chance to read it...which is why I have my wonderful podcasts! lol! I'm such a nerd!

Anyway, I think this blog is going to focus on a few things that I need to get done and get before I get going to South Korea!

1.) Criminal Records Check:
2.) 7 Passport Pictures:
3.) E-2 Visa Documents
4.) Degree
5.) Transcripts
6.) Talk with Korean Consulate nearby!
(I'm sorry I know these are boring things but I'm getting to the exciting stuff!)
7.) Shoes (cause apparently Korea doesn't carry above 9 generally (i'm a 9 1/2 to 10...)- Snow and Rain Boots are a must! And then possibly some walking shoes like chacos!?!

8.) I need a huge suitcase to put my blankets and sheets and large amounts of clothes since I wont fit into anything when I head over! lol!

9.) Stock up 2 months ahead of time on ALLI...lol :-P
10.) Gifts for my boss and other teachers
11.) Lots of Deoderant and a few foods I might want for a few days...lol!
12.) LOTS and LOTS of pictures!
13.) Something to carry my Wii and Wii fit safely with me on the airplane...(Yes I am taking it with me...ON the airplane not through luggage claims...)
14.) Pillows...(i'm still deciding...)
15.) SPACE BAGS to help with my packing!
16.) Cute lil souvenir things for my students!
17.) Towels...maybe...lol
18.) Gloves! :]
19.) Clothes
20.) Converters (ugh this will be hard...) to convert the right amount of electricity through my computer and to my Wii and what not that I bring like my straightener...
21.) Lonely Planet Guide to South Korea and Seoul
(which I have Lonely Planet Guide Seoul on the way through Books-A-Million)
22.) Money- $500 about
23.) iPhone!-

I need a 3G network phone that is compatible with the network in Korea...and wouldn't you know it...the iPhone is the thing that probably will work the best...lol :]

Pretty much i'm going to quit boring yal...whoever reads this but this is just a list basically for me to figure out what I need to get done before I leave...AAAAHHHH...i just need to pass now I guess...lol!

If you have any suggestions on what else to get and bring let me know!
(Of course I didn't mention stuff I already have like my laptop and what-not...lol!)

♥ ♫


The Missing Blog...

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.
For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up.
Furthermore, if two lie down together they keep warm, but how can one be warm alone?
And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.
-Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

So I've been following a few blogs on Korea and teachers that have been there or are currently there and it has made me so excited to be going to South Korea. As I was reading a blog totally UNrelated to South Korea and being extremely overwhelmed with studying for a test...I found this scripture. Even when I'm overwhelmed, God never ceases to amaze me and teach me that I am truly not alone in my journey here on Earth. It's been scary the last few weeks...I'm closing upon graduation too fast to even think (approximately 17 days left) and trying to get my grades up for one particular class. So far this is where I think I am:
8:00am: Environmental Science (A)
9:00am- Strategic Management (C)
Chapel (30/55 credits *crap! but it's okay...
i've taken chapel to studying now that I have no way of recovering...)
1:00pm- Training and Development (A)
7:30am: Management Internship (A)
12:00pm: Quantitative Methods in Management (~C)
(this is the class I'm trying to pass...so approximately a C if I can pass today's exam)

I have been studying for Quantitative Methods in Management (QM) (i know you're curious just click it...lol)...okay so i've been studying for QM...i started on the Review yesterday afternoon about 3pm after I finished a paper for my internship class and then completed about a page of the 3 page review before work and then after work at about 10:00pm I began again...
I put in Pride and Prejudice and worked on notes...I have approximately 8 pages (almost all front and back) of notes for my review...mostly definitions by this point cause I have to do everything else on the computer...(this is a math class...wth?! *this says it all*)

Then I studied until about 2:00 a.m. while watching P&P (YAY Mr. Darcy! :] )

...now i've been in this computer lab since like 8:00am...working on the programs and wondering wth i'm going to do if i fail this class and then not graduate and then not go to south korea and then not be able to return in the fall cause i didn't get all my chapel credits...then have to live with my parents for all eternity and then not be able to pay my loans off...this could go horribly wrong...
I'm freaking out! the test is in like an hour and half and they're about to close this lab down for chapel...i can't really do too much else or my brain's going to fall out...i keep messing things up i know and then trying to fix it and confusing myself so i'm just going to give up...maybe i can beg the teacher to let me pass...i'll promise to never help with anyone's business ever ever ever! i'll just fly off into no where! (or South Korea...lol! whichever comes first!)

Chilling out

So here lately I've been trying to stay on my game...obviously school is coming to a close and i should probably try to pass ALL of my classes...I have 1 class that i'm struggling in and the others are pretty cruising right now...(i know i sound dumb but that's the only way to describe it...)...right now i'm just chilling out...I didn't go into my internship today cause i was stuck e-mailing some stuff so they let me not come in since there wasn't much to do. i love my internship. the people are nice and it's interesting to see how they work. I work at our local radio station and it's fun! :-P well of course I know that i'm about to go off and not be doing what I went to school for and that the internships will probably not help me after a few years being out of school but you know...it's still fun to look back and think that you did something...

anyway...so i finally confessed to my dad that i am heading off to South Korea...scary huh?? he didn't take it well but i told him pretty much that's what i wanted to do and eventually it will benefit me or just screw with my head as well as help my fascination with different cultures and traveling around the world! lol! screw with my head as in when i end up coming back i'll probably not know what the heck i'm doing in america...lol!

i'm anticipating several years of living and working in Asia and several years of paying my loans off slowly through this process! (but at least they're getting paid off right?!? lol! at least that's what i explained to my dad!! hehe!)

anyway...so now i'm just working on nothing but thinking if i actually have homework...which i dont think i am but this huge project that we've finished but need to present as a training class in my training and development class...aah. 45 minutes of teaching the class...so long!!

and a test on the same day (friday...) argh...did i mention i dont have notes or anything for it cause either i've been sick from stress or swamped with homework and other junk to work with...argh..i hope that my friend will let me borrow her notes...anywhoo...

well the only thing keeping me going is that we have officially 22 1/2 days until graduation and i am going to graduate even if i didnt get all my chapel credits in...lol and my parents will be here and...i'll be out of this town...for a while...lol until i maybe come back for visits...who knows about that yet...

when it gets below 20 days left...i think i'm going to go insane and crazy (i know same thing...but i'm trying to tell you what's going to happen! lol!!)

oh and here's a pic of robert pattinson... ->

Keep it simple...this life that is...

Digital Clock

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Good Start so far...

Okey dokey...So i've almost gotten back to the weight i had lost a few weeks ago...i gained it back from stress and realized i was more stressed trying to get it back off...so yeah still working on it! :-P I think I'm much happier now because I've made my decision for after-school jobs...I'm moving to South Korea.

This is serious. No one can really stop me now...I just love reading other people's experiences AND from being in China a few years ago teaching...i've just always had this love of new adventures and the Asian culture. Although it's a big risk...I also am not ready for a "real" job...I can't handle all the responsibility...let me do what I want to do and love to do.

My daddy is not very happy about it because i think the moment he assumed i was moving back home it would be for eternity (i'm the first-born so he and i are attached...especially since it was just me and him for so long till he remarried several several million years back...lol)...anywhoo...i finally broke the news to him that i was going...we "discussed" and argued for a bit...but i think he knows he can't change my mind (or that he HOPES i change my mind on my own...) but like i said i have my mind set...nothing is going to change. this is what i'm doing...no matter how freaked i can get from excitement of new adventures... :)

Now all i have to do is:
1. Get 7 Passport Pictures
2. Finish my paperwork and Visa Applications (but apparently i can't do that till AFTER graduation...)
3. Graduate (25 days left...oooh)...
4. Pass this 1 class i'm having trouble in...
5. Sign a contract
6. Pack & get going...hehe

I'm super excited...nervous...stressed with school...

well i better go actually work on homework so i can make it out of college on time!

Time before work...

So i've had lots of time to just sit at home before I run off to work...computer is definitely getting slow...so unfortunate...well anyway...and well i have time to think about the homework and the many trials of school i still need to finish off before i can officially say i'm going to graduate...i sent off a few invitations yesterday to just family that will probably be disappointed if i don't graduate but at the same time it would be less painful than inviting a million people to eventually tell them i flunked...lol okay i'm not that far behind...just a few more assignments and i'll be on my way to get my diploma...lol finally...but that's not why i'm here...

i'm here cause i can't figure out what i want to do...especially now that i'm actually having to think about it...

yesterday i had a cool thing happen at work...i got interviewed for a position as a supervisor over a small group of people and this means that i will move up slowly in the empire that is called Walmart...I really enjoy working for walmart actually and think it would be nice to eventually move up and up...but my mom wants me to take a huge leap and throw myself into the world of work...(remember i'm only 20...) and i would rather take it slow....move to south korea...you know random junk a person at my age should do! lol! SO i have lots of decisions to make...too many options (i didn't have ANY at all...now i have too many...great)
Option 1:
If I get the job as Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart...stay in this town and work (maybe even get a puppy!! lol)...watch my friends graduate since i'm graduating a year earlier than pretty much everyone...
Option 2:
Move to Dallas and work for whatever company will take me...live on my own and struggle one day at time trying to pay off my bills...lol (with a puppy!)
Option 3:
Move back home and transfer walmarts (town of like 5000 people...) and hope and pray to God that I dont get sucked in...(all while living with my parents) and paying off bills...(without a puppy...lol)
Option 4:
Move back home and transfer walmarts while living iwht my parents and paying off bills in the summer then move off to South Korea to save money and pay bills...(without a puppy...lol)

So...yeah if i live on my own and in this country...i'll get a puppy...if i dont and live with parents...then no puppy...lol! it all comes down to this...hahah jk!

But yeah a lot to think about and hope that I'll get my homework and junk done so i can officially say I've graduated college!

Keeping an Open mind is scary....

Graduation countdown: 34
Invitations sent: 7


Yeah so that first blog i wrote about two weeks ago and so now i'm going to update on my feelings...

School is going crazy...i'm only taking 5 classes and only have to go to 4 cause one of them is only a random class i go to once a month...out of those 5 classes...i believe i'm failing 2 and passing the other 3 with 2 "A's" and 1 "B". I'm scared to death that i'm not going to pass my classes and graduate...i wont know until that final week of classes...and then comes the day of graduation and then i probably won't even know...great... i'll be stressed until the end.

Besides school...I have to think about the future....where do i go? i mean I'm not really wanting to jump into a career at such a young age.. i mean i'm only 20 and 2/3rd...lol (i'm not counting down...) and graduating school a year early so it's like i dont know where to go...my parents want me to do one thing...i want to just rest up and get some experience by continuing my work and trying to move up at my job in walmart...while living with my parents to pay off my bills and try to get on my feet...seems logical right? except i have loans to pay off in the next 10 years...(about 500 a month...for the next 10 years...) why does school cost so so much!

i know this blog is meaningless but that's the whole point...i only started it cause i need someplace to just rant...ramble...throw my brain against the wall...

Ramblings of a College Undergrad...

Have you ever felt that your life wasn't going anywhere? that if you didn't do the extreme that you were just going to get sucked back into your old life? That's where I am right now...stuck and wondering if i'm ever going to make anything of myself. I've let the spirit die inside of me and wondered if i'm ever going to revive it for a life worth living.

I actually have to decide now if i'm going to make something of myself. it's scary. i want to cry. yell. scream...defy the gravity that holds me down to one thing. i want to run free but it all seems to be shot down by the fact that i need money to run wild and free. if i have a job to support my expenses then i dont have time to do what i want but if i don't work i can do anything at all. so why dont i get paid to do what i want? like travel? well i could. there's this cool opportunity for me to go to South Korea for a year...teaching English and actually getting PAID to do it...wow right? yeah but that would tie me down too wouldn't it? but i guess i'm still doing what i want...lol how strange...okay well let's see...I want to sing and make money doing that...but i'm not that great...i mean seriously i wouldn't consider myself a super-star...i'm definitely flawed...but i can at least try...i can stay in here for the summer...try out for American Idol like i was told my a music producer to do and see where that takes me...if that doesn't work out...i'll flee the country...hmm...not a bad idea...thing is...i have a fear for rejection...will that stop me? probably not...lol!

Then there's the option to go back home...be with my family for the summer...try out for American Idol...then go on a really awesome trip to South Korea...all within the next few months...this could happen...i guess it's all in my hands...pretty much i'm just rambling cause i dont know exactly what I want to do...it's seriously doesn't matter too much to me...as long as i can pay my bills and eventually get a job in what i went to school for...it's all up in the air...


graduation countdown: 37 days...
o...and i got my cap and gown...woohoo... :-P
and my invitations came in today as well...