Chilling out

So here lately I've been trying to stay on my game...obviously school is coming to a close and i should probably try to pass ALL of my classes...I have 1 class that i'm struggling in and the others are pretty cruising right now...(i know i sound dumb but that's the only way to describe it...)...right now i'm just chilling out...I didn't go into my internship today cause i was stuck e-mailing some stuff so they let me not come in since there wasn't much to do. i love my internship. the people are nice and it's interesting to see how they work. I work at our local radio station and it's fun! :-P well of course I know that i'm about to go off and not be doing what I went to school for and that the internships will probably not help me after a few years being out of school but you's still fun to look back and think that you did something... i finally confessed to my dad that i am heading off to South Korea...scary huh?? he didn't take it well but i told him pretty much that's what i wanted to do and eventually it will benefit me or just screw with my head as well as help my fascination with different cultures and traveling around the world! lol! screw with my head as in when i end up coming back i'll probably not know what the heck i'm doing in!

i'm anticipating several years of living and working in Asia and several years of paying my loans off slowly through this process! (but at least they're getting paid off right?!? lol! at least that's what i explained to my dad!! hehe!) now i'm just working on nothing but thinking if i actually have homework...which i dont think i am but this huge project that we've finished but need to present as a training class in my training and development class...aah. 45 minutes of teaching the long!!

and a test on the same day (friday...) argh...did i mention i dont have notes or anything for it cause either i've been sick from stress or swamped with homework and other junk to work with...argh..i hope that my friend will let me borrow her notes...anywhoo...

well the only thing keeping me going is that we have officially 22 1/2 days until graduation and i am going to graduate even if i didnt get all my chapel credits and my parents will be here and...i'll be out of this town...for a until i maybe come back for visits...who knows about that yet...

when it gets below 20 days left...i think i'm going to go insane and crazy (i know same thing...but i'm trying to tell you what's going to happen! lol!!)

oh and here's a pic of robert pattinson... ->

Keep it simple...this life that is...