Time before work...

So i've had lots of time to just sit at home before I run off to work...computer is definitely getting slow...so unfortunate...well anyway...and well i have time to think about the homework and the many trials of school i still need to finish off before i can officially say i'm going to graduate...i sent off a few invitations yesterday to just family that will probably be disappointed if i don't graduate but at the same time it would be less painful than inviting a million people to eventually tell them i flunked...lol okay i'm not that far behind...just a few more assignments and i'll be on my way to get my diploma...lol finally...but that's not why i'm here...

i'm here cause i can't figure out what i want to do...especially now that i'm actually having to think about it...

yesterday i had a cool thing happen at work...i got interviewed for a position as a supervisor over a small group of people and this means that i will move up slowly in the empire that is called Walmart...I really enjoy working for walmart actually and think it would be nice to eventually move up and up...but my mom wants me to take a huge leap and throw myself into the world of work...(remember i'm only 20...) and i would rather take it slow....move to south korea...you know random junk a person at my age should do! lol! SO i have lots of decisions to make...too many options (i didn't have ANY at all...now i have too many...great)
Option 1:
If I get the job as Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart...stay in this town and work (maybe even get a puppy!! lol)...watch my friends graduate since i'm graduating a year earlier than pretty much everyone...
Option 2:
Move to Dallas and work for whatever company will take me...live on my own and struggle one day at time trying to pay off my bills...lol (with a puppy!)
Option 3:
Move back home and transfer walmarts (town of like 5000 people...) and hope and pray to God that I dont get sucked in...(all while living with my parents) and paying off bills...(without a puppy...lol)
Option 4:
Move back home and transfer walmarts while living iwht my parents and paying off bills in the summer then move off to South Korea to save money and pay bills...(without a puppy...lol)

So...yeah if i live on my own and in this country...i'll get a puppy...if i dont and live with parents...then no puppy...lol! it all comes down to this...hahah jk!

But yeah a lot to think about and hope that I'll get my homework and junk done so i can officially say I've graduated college!

Keeping an Open mind is scary....

Graduation countdown: 34
Invitations sent: 7