Good Start so far...

Okey dokey...So i've almost gotten back to the weight i had lost a few weeks ago...i gained it back from stress and realized i was more stressed trying to get it back yeah still working on it! :-P I think I'm much happier now because I've made my decision for after-school jobs...I'm moving to South Korea.

This is serious. No one can really stop me now...I just love reading other people's experiences AND from being in China a few years ago teaching...i've just always had this love of new adventures and the Asian culture. Although it's a big risk...I also am not ready for a "real" job...I can't handle all the responsibility...let me do what I want to do and love to do.

My daddy is not very happy about it because i think the moment he assumed i was moving back home it would be for eternity (i'm the first-born so he and i are attached...especially since it was just me and him for so long till he remarried several several million years finally broke the news to him that i was going...we "discussed" and argued for a bit...but i think he knows he can't change my mind (or that he HOPES i change my mind on my own...) but like i said i have my mind set...nothing is going to change. this is what i'm matter how freaked i can get from excitement of new adventures... :)

Now all i have to do is:
1. Get 7 Passport Pictures
2. Finish my paperwork and Visa Applications (but apparently i can't do that till AFTER graduation...)
3. Graduate (25 days left...oooh)...
4. Pass this 1 class i'm having trouble in...
5. Sign a contract
6. Pack & get going...hehe

I'm super excited...nervous...stressed with school...

well i better go actually work on homework so i can make it out of college on time!