So this is my coworker, Courtney's Photography contest application... so please get on and vote!  You don't have to register... just check out her pics and go to the bottom and rate the picture!  She's really good so I want to do this for her!  You can vote once every 24 hours!  ^^ Click the pics!!

Massages and Relaxation...

So last weekend, Kelsey and I got foot massages.  We had wanted to get face massages but unfortunately they were all booked up for the weekend so we couldn't get them done.  So we decided to book some back massages for Monday... while we were getting set-up we were asked if we wanted to add on a face massage... of course we couldn't pass it up.  So we got a back massage and a face massage yesterday and let's just say it was great!  It was a bit painful but only because of the amount of stress literally on my shoulders...
My Korean coteachers/ friends recommended this place in my area and I would like to just throw it out there too... Check it out... it's unfortunately all in Korean but if you could get someone to help you then I bet you can find one in YOUR area too!  It's cheap and great!  For the leg massages it was \14000 on discount for May and for the back massage... 35 minutes for \35,000 and the face massage was 40 minutes for 22,000... ^^ They even through in a service face mask:  mineral mask with peel away something or another... it was amazing!!
I had open class today so it definitely helped me to be a bit relaxed... LOL... 

It's called Mipl... and here's the site... just click the pic!

Seoul Forest

On Saturday, I really wanted to have a picnic, to fly kites, and just be outside!

Well 2 of the 3 happened!  Several friends and I went to Seoul Forest (Tteuksom Exit 8) to have a picnic and be outside.  It sprinkled for most of the day but it was really nice to be out.  I'm hoping to be able to fly a kite soon!  that would be so fun!  We walked around for a bit and looked around.  Unfortunately, the deer and animals were put away for now so we couldn't see them but we saw a lot of cool things around... I didn't take many pics though cause I kept getting distracted... that's a good thing right??... lol!

It's a big park and we barely put a dent in it when viewing so I know I'll be heading back to try to look at everything again... lol!  ^^  I recommend it for a nice day out!!


WOOHOO!!!  Guess who just got a Cyworld!

Cyworld is a Korean "Facebook" or "Myspace".  Many (mostly all...) Koreans have a Cyworld and now Foreigners are allowed to have one.  My Korean friend/coworker made it for me last week and I find that it's really cool and addicting, especially to set up and upload stuff.  I am now more connected to my Korean friends and hope to use it to work on my Korean... which I need to study so much harder on... lol!

Dr. Fish and Gangnam

YAY for long weekends.  This weekend was pretty lazy but productive.  Because it was Buddha's Birthday on Friday, we had Friday off for holiday.  So Friday, Kelsey and I met to go to Gangnam for some fun.  We started out eating at Dos Tacos... so yummy!  After our meal, we headed over to a Dr. Fish Cafe.  I really enjoy doing Dr. Fish.  This is only my 2nd time going but I think it's so fun and it always makes me laugh tremendously!!  LOL!  Laughing is good for you!  ^^  Afterwards, we walked around a bit and did a bit of shopping.  Then we decided that we'd head back to my area and get some foot massages.  After circling my area a few times... we finally found the place at the exact place that our taxi driver dropped us at... he didnt know we were looking for that place but we didnt know either where it would be... lol!  Because of my accident, I've been meaning to get a massage to help out the muscles in my foot.  The massage was only 14,000 won for a deal this month and it was more leg than foot but felt nice!  The ladies did a gentle massage for us because of my accident... didnt want to mess up anything... at least not anymore than it already is.

After our massages, we decided to grab dinner at Pizza School and head back to my place to watch Personal Taste!  ^^  It was a fun day and nice and relaxing!  we scheduled for ourselves some back massages at the same place for tomorrow.  I'm super excited!  super cheap and for a good period of time!  It's always nice to pamper yourself sometimes!!

짱구 Jjanggu Adventure Park!

We had a field trip today with the kids to 짱구 Jjangu Adventure Park... it wasn't very big but it was fun for the kids.  It was a pretty fun day.  We stayed there for most of the day and bonded with our kiddos... lol!  I only have 5 students so I thought it was pretty sweet that they actually wanted to hang out with me and hold my hands... made me miss my younger siblings but I know soon I'll see them and hope they'll want to hold my hands too (...jk... ages 7 to 13 year olds probably dont want that... but maybe i'll force the 7 year old ;]).  Right now I'm at school... supposed to be productive but since I'm exhausted from the day and have a holiday tomorrow... I don't have much I can do... LOL!  I am caught up on pretty much everything and if I find that there is something I should do... well... I'll catch up on it on Monday or Tuesday.  Right now, I'm just exhausted and a bit sick.  Just a small bit... it started yesterday in the middle of the day so I know I must have caught something from one of the kids... but I have a strong immune system so I should be okay.

I got a cyworld today!  YAY!  so exciting!  Cyworld is like a Korean Facebook!  It's got more design and what-not to it... so maybe like Myspace... I got to play with it a little but can't do much till I get home and actually upload pics...

I'll also try to upload pictures from the fun day out!  Hopefully that won't take long either!

Well I better run... I need to talk to my principal about something in hopes that he'll agree... I'll update about that later!!


random pictures...



 I would put captions... but blogger is absolutely a headache to try to align the pictures AND try to add where they were taken... the first few were from the Art Museum... the Park was on the way home from Cheongdam... the Shoe is a statue in my area... pictures of my cat, 우유, pictures from children's day celebration at school... cotton candy and all (i'll put more when i've rotated them, pictures from our field trip to the Disaster Museum... I'll add videos of the Earthquake and Wind rooms!, and just some views from the top of TechnoMart in Gangbyeon!

I'll try to add more later!  This was too much already for me!


미안해요...I'm sorry!

I'm sorry that I haven't really written much here since my start. I've been busy and doing nothing all at the same time. I recently got my first pay but because I wasn't here for the beginning of the month, I didn't get very much. But no worries! I plan to do lots of low-budget activities soon! I need to upload pictures because I went to the Seoul Art Museum in City Hall with some friends. It was interesting and it was nice to get out... it only cost 900 won (less than 90 cents)... lol! We didn't go to the main exhibit but from what we did see, it looked interesting. This week at work is filled with Final Exams for the Elementary and finishing up our books for the month.

I really enjoy my work here and can't stress enough how much I love it and know it's a blessing from God to actually have gotten the opportunity to work here. It's so much better than my last job and as I would like to not really bash them online... but... I'm glad I'm not working there any more. This is a much better opportunity for me in a much better area.. although, I wish i was still super close to Hyehwa and not 30 mins away... but it's not bad in all...

It's been pretty easy getting used to everything and the kids are used to me now. I've been here 1 month but it definitely feels much longer... it's so funny to me to try to explain to people that I've been at my school for 1 month but have been in korea for 10 months... I can't believe I'm approaching my 1 year mark so fast!! I'm excited! I love Korea and am working slowly on my Korean! I have already set up with my new school to head home in December for a visit to my family!! I'm not homesick and really haven't been as far as my stay here has gone. I've had my moments around my birthday, Christmas, and a few times during my accident when I was stuck in bed for a month and a half, but overall, I'm glad I've moved over and have decided to stay for so much longer. (but...) all this to still say that I CAN'T WAIT TO VISIT MY FAMILY!! It's still a few months away (obviously)... but I'm glad to have the plans panning out!

I think now I'm rambling but it's a lot better than complaining! LOL!

In the last month, I've been walking a lot and working hard! Meeting and making new friends and being able to visit old friends too!

Anyway... I'm at work and probably should be somewhat productive... ^^

Thanx for sticking with me and I'm sorry I'm so boring!!

Flair Fun!

This is from the Flair Bar in Hyehwa.  I really love going there.  I've been going there since my birthday in September.  I know everyone who works there... and definitely friends with them... in a non-alcoholic way...
 This is Ranka...

 This is Luigi...♥


Yay!  I finally have internet but unfortunately nothing big has happened the Cherry Blossom Festival... I'm watching 2 new Dramas (well 1 New and 1 Old)... I'm watching:  Personal Taste (newer) and Full House (older)... I'm glad to be back on my feet but unfortunately right now I haven't done much.  I don't have any money because of starting my new job... but I get paid on Monday!!  YAY!  This Wednesday are plans to go to an art museum and mexican food to celebrate Cinco De Mayo... ^^ cause I'm Mexican... hehe!  (lol sorry just had to throw that out there!)... plans to call home soon are in the works cause i havent had internet (lol!)
well a better update is sure to come soon!!