Seoul Forest

On Saturday, I really wanted to have a picnic, to fly kites, and just be outside!

Well 2 of the 3 happened!  Several friends and I went to Seoul Forest (Tteuksom Exit 8) to have a picnic and be outside.  It sprinkled for most of the day but it was really nice to be out.  I'm hoping to be able to fly a kite soon!  that would be so fun!  We walked around for a bit and looked around.  Unfortunately, the deer and animals were put away for now so we couldn't see them but we saw a lot of cool things around... I didn't take many pics though cause I kept getting distracted... that's a good thing right??... lol!

It's a big park and we barely put a dent in it when viewing so I know I'll be heading back to try to look at everything again... lol!  ^^  I recommend it for a nice day out!!