Dr. Fish and Gangnam

YAY for long weekends.  This weekend was pretty lazy but productive.  Because it was Buddha's Birthday on Friday, we had Friday off for holiday.  So Friday, Kelsey and I met to go to Gangnam for some fun.  We started out eating at Dos Tacos... so yummy!  After our meal, we headed over to a Dr. Fish Cafe.  I really enjoy doing Dr. Fish.  This is only my 2nd time going but I think it's so fun and it always makes me laugh tremendously!!  LOL!  Laughing is good for you!  ^^  Afterwards, we walked around a bit and did a bit of shopping.  Then we decided that we'd head back to my area and get some foot massages.  After circling my area a few times... we finally found the place at the exact place that our taxi driver dropped us at... he didnt know we were looking for that place but we didnt know either where it would be... lol!  Because of my accident, I've been meaning to get a massage to help out the muscles in my foot.  The massage was only 14,000 won for a deal this month and it was more leg than foot but felt nice!  The ladies did a gentle massage for us because of my accident... didnt want to mess up anything... at least not anymore than it already is.

After our massages, we decided to grab dinner at Pizza School and head back to my place to watch Personal Taste!  ^^  It was a fun day and nice and relaxing!  we scheduled for ourselves some back massages at the same place for tomorrow.  I'm super excited!  super cheap and for a good period of time!  It's always nice to pamper yourself sometimes!!