bogoshipda... lovely friends...

even without knowing the lyrics...this song is so boys before flowers....equals amazing! this has become my new project...learning the lyrics...maybe pretty soon i'll be having a little duet with mr. kim bum soo with the help of a little i love my mac!

finally i have a day off...tomorrow or i guess today since it is i'm still not able to sleep...i mean i obviously feel tired right now from working for the last 3 days...8 hour days...but hopefully it's all going to help pay for a few things. i payed off ACU's balance of $103 with my check even though i got paid right under $180 for my first week of work and unfortunately only had like $11 in there...i also paid my payment for the month for Best Buy...i finally closed off my credit card and will be paying that off slowly but hopefully faster once i'm in best buy credit card and my credit card from chase will be my top 2 priority when i get to Korea. i'll be paying those suckers off so i dont have to deal with the interest rates anymore and send money back for loans...i'm hoping to maybe...possibly...try to pay off each loan at a pay the minimums on the one's that last longer and have higher debt in them and pay all of the ones that have very few years and debts to them. (probably doesn't make sense but in my head it

i feel so poor right now...i keep thinking about how much i need to stock up on everything...but i currently have like $50 in my account...that has to last me 2 weeks cause we just got paid i also keep feeling sick and trying to make it through work...i can't afford to get out of work!

i need to get a lot done...hopefully i can start tomorrow...

i have to buy clothes and everything for the trip which i told myself i wont do until i know the exact date i'll be leaving and when i get paid next...i'm going to try to do this while still working for walmart... so i can get my 10% discount on everything...since it's pretty much all BUT food...

i think next saturday i'm going to put in my 2 to 3 week notice...but someone told me i should wait til i have a set job...but i want to end like the END END of June to spend time with my family. hopefully i'll start getting more hours...eek!

since i'm off...i'll be cleaning house...urgh...necessary to keeping my sanity cause this place can get pretty disgusting! lol! i'll be trying to do it at least...i'll probably wake up around 10:30 or 11 depending on how i feel...i mean currently it's hopefully i'll get to bed soon...

i'll also try to go through some of my stuff...maybe even try to sell more i have a pretty good printer that may need a

i need to go through my closet of junk. i know i'm a pack rat but i can't do that any longer! i need to set myself free of the clutter that has entranced my life!

this will eventually help me with getting ready for South Korea... which i have no updates...all because i'm waiting for my stupid's officially been 3 weeks since graduating school and hopefully i should get my diploma next week...they said 4-6 weeks...!!!!!!! so frustrating!

after getting my diploma i can move on to interviews and then after that i can mail off my diploma and transcripts to get my visa...then i have to do an interview with the Korean consulate in houston and then after that...hopefully a plane ride to Seoul... :]

i'm nervous...excited...anxious...nervous...worried...excited...a lot of different emotions...

hopefully things clear up soon with NK and SK...

oh and working at this new store is a bit crazy...i feel like i need a manual of what not do to because everything i was allowed to do at my old store...well pretty much i should ask before doing anything cause i'll probably get into trouble even though at my old store it was acceptable...and i'll probably not get any customer service hours because at this store...they dont teach customer service for a while to people even though i told them i knew...they probably wont because i've only worked for walmart for less than 5 wth if i'm capable let me be! i just keep reminding myself...4 weeks left and i'll be free...

i know this blog was super boring and i comend you if you made it this far...but that's what this blog is for i guess...for me to just rant about nothingness...or something...hehe it's for me and anyone else who wants a glimpse into my boring life (at least for now...) cause soon it's going to get exciting!

stay tuned...

*bogoshipda- i miss you...


*so i've seen a pattern in my pretty much every two days i pretty much write a new post...that's probably too frequent...but i get bored so i just get on here and have a little go at it... hehe

the last few days have been filled with just working...yesterday i worked from 10:30-7 and then when i came home we watched New in Town with Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. i think it's a cute movie! Stephanie and i went to see this when it first came out as one of our fun roommate date nights! lol!

i really can't wait for he's just not that into you! lol! that's another one we went to go see as soon as it came out! haha! i love that movie! and i think it's the movie that made me currently obsessed with scarlett johansson! or maybe it was Lost in Translation...hmm who cares! i'm on a mission to collect all movies with her in it! just a few days ago i bought In Good Company cause it looked interesting and it has her in it! lol! i figured out i spend a ton of money...

in the last 24 hours...i have spent money movies: Memoirs of a Geisha ($5), Nanny Diaries ($5), and New in Town ($19); lip color that i probably didn't need but it was 2 for $9!!! lol! i bought a Dr Pepper and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...yummy...Stacker3 cause this lady said that it worked! woohoo! i paid $140 at the eye doctor for 1/2 year of contacts...i spent $25 at the post office mailing my wii to it's new pretty much that's a lot of money i've spent...some useless and some need-filled...hehe...i get paid tomorrow and hopefully can start saving a lot more up... i wish somehow i was able to save so much more...but it's of my own weakness that i can' also need to go to Ross and stock up on fun clothes and to hastings for some good ole used movies...!!!! and also need to buy a ton of stuff from walmart BEFORE i quit so i can use my discount! lol! i'm bad...

i still have to pay the school $100...ergh!

well anyways...good news is i received my transcripts today in the mail! woohoo! now all i need is my diploma...and i'll get a job and be off to a new adventure! yay!

anywhoo...another useless blog but it's the only thing keeping me sane right now! haha! i need to probably go through my junk so i don't leave too much here for my parents to deal with...

but for now...i'll be reading blogs hoping it helps me adjust a little better to life in South Korea! i get so excited while reading all these blogs! :]


Saranghaeyo- I love you!

up and running

so this last weekend spending time with april was amazing! i haven't seen april in what feels like a million years and although we only got to spend 2 days together it was great. :] i love you april!

we didn't really do much just pretty much lazied around! lol yesterday i arrived around 12pm and then phillip arrived around 2ish to escort us to the Apple store to get my computer fixed...we walked around the most expensive looking mall for about an hour and a half...actually i think we sat in the food court like total dorks for half an hour but whatever! lol everything was so have to like own your own business to have a cup of icecream there! haha! well after that we headed to the apple store and the girl takes a look at my computer...i had a personal appointment with a Mac Genius...hehe! anywhoo...she checked it out and said it didnt seem like anything should be wrong with the system that it could be that i hadnt been updating my we updated it and she decided she would check with her boss about keeping it overnight to run a diagnostic test and get the top of my computer fixed. my keyboard and the corners were dirty and cracked for some reason so she volunteered to get it fixed for me for free! woohoo! lol! so now everything feels so new! hehe! and clean looking! i'll have to be more careful now...hehe...well we left to go to dinner at a mexican restaurant and it was actually really good! :] yummy! hehe afterwards we went back to april's place and watched 2 the middle of one we switched it and then went back...but i think we spent more time having fun with april's bunny rabbits...Raven and Chloe! haha! they were super cute!

anywhoo...they called me this morning the apple store called and said that my hardrive failed every test that it went through and they ran it like 20 pretty much my hard drive was on the way out and they were surprised it hadn't already i was like yup that's what i i went to best buy pretty much across the street from the mall after picking up my computer at Apple and got a new hardrive installed and officially have everything back on my computer...i have everything updated...installed...and running smoothly so far...

it's nice to know and hope that i wont lose everything...again...and again...and...again...hehe. now i can upload pictures and so much more cause the cute guy at best buy said that i have a whole lost more room that i did on my old hardrive... :]

after we did that we went back to the house and just chilled out till i came home at like 9... :]

it was super nice to get away...definitely felt like a whole weekend even though it was just overnight! lol! i love my family...really...sometimes you have to step back and have time to yourself...or to friends!

i love you april!! i can't wait to see if you'll visit me in South Korea!

well i'm off to bed...i have to mail off my wii in the morning to whoever bought it on! then work all day depressing...but again i have to make money before i leave...

saving money is a pain... :-P

fingers crossed that i receive my paperwork this week...

Cool Vids!

Just thought I'd make a list of my favorite videos!:

If an ex calls...this is SS501:

This is a Rehearsal by 3 members of SS501 for their song UR Man...Kim Hyun Joong (my is the one in the middle!:

Song Deja Vu by SS501 (again...hehe!):

Super Junior- Sorry Sorry- the beginning is a bit...umm...yeah but it's such a catchy song!!:

mmk that's enough for now! hehe! ^_^. hope yal enjoy!

Losing communication with the Real world...

Okey dokes so i've just been chilling out this wonderful afternoon after work. I'm currently watching Wednesday's American Idol show on my DVR (which apparently is only 1/2 hour long...ugh!) . I know who won...YAY KRIS ALLEN! lol! who knew you'd finally pull through past Adam. btw this performance of So What...i don't like it...and Jazmin's note was horrid! sorry hon...anywhoo... So You Think You Can Dance has begun...unfortunately i missed the first episode...ugh! lol! it's okay i'll catch up..

Tomorrow i'm going to Dallas! WOOHOO! i'm going to see April, Kristen, and Phillip! yay! i'm super excited! especially since Korea is right around the corner! anywhoo...(btw i'm not a fan of David Cook)...and i'm not sure if i like too much if they bring back the videos of people doing's a little mean...don't you think?? Idol Awards?? Really? pretty soon i'll be losing contact with the world pretty soon besides the computer. my parent's phone contracts are going out on June 6th. so i'm not going to have a phone after June 6th. so no texting no calls (i seriously hate talking on the phone so this isn't bad...) but i text like nobody's business!! lol! well maybe i'll just use my mom's phone like my sister does...jk...i'll just have to live without it... sad day! lol! this video of my's a sad beginning but it's gets better towards the end!:

New Job...New Glasses...New in-SIGHT! ^_^.

Annyeonghaseyo! Hello! How's it going!

So I officially started working at Walmart here in's definitely different than Abilene's this one is smaller and WAY older. Abilene's is only like 3 years old as opposed to this one taht i've known since about 6 or so...i'm 20 apparently it was up for remodel but it never got done...someone told me all the stuff is in the storage out-back...what a waste of money...IMO. i'm also getting paid LESS than in Abilene because of the "cost-of-living"...that's crap! i should get paid the same no matter what...i mean seriously?!

well was my 2nd day and i'll just live with it until i leave...i hae to make money somehow before leaving for Korea...unfortunately some money is going towards paying the school AND paying my contacts (about $228.70...for a year pack...)...well i guess that brings me to my glasses!

lol i got new glasses...aren't they cute:
they look! they're Plum...and they have that cute engraving on the side...they're all decked out...with Anti-Reflective coating for when i'm on my computer for hours at a time or watching tv...I got the tinting in well as had them shaved down so it wasn't so i'm pretty much blind...but mom's insurance covered my glasses since i thought i might need them so just in case in Korea i needed them...they would have cost a whopping...$528.00....!!!!!! So i'm not complaining too much about my contacts cause it would've cost more doing it the other way around... lol!

As soon as I put them on...i could tell immediately tell the difference...everything was brighter (strange...) hurts my eyes a bit cause i had my old glasses since 2005 and that's 4 years it's a huge inSIGHT! haha!

I'm getting more and more anxious to get my diploma and transcripts to get to Korea...i'm too excited...i think! lol! i'm trying to get my Korean down...and working on my loans to finally be able to pay them on-line while in Korea. I also got 2 movies today. I finally got Pride and Prejudice as well as Dirty Dancing (with Patrik Swayze and Jennifer Grey) lol! ^_^.

anywhoo...i still need to get:
  • he's just not that into you- DVD Release June 2nd
  • in good company
  • confessions of a shopaholic- DVD Release June 23rd
anywhoo...American Idol is about to come on...aaahhhh!!!
Kris Allen vs. Adam Lambert...
Who Will WIN?!


Annyeong! Goodbye!

New Love! ^_^.

So i've just finished the Korean sensation Boys Over was amazing...i've been watching it non-stop for the last 3 days (26!) it's about 1 1/2 hourse each episode too! but i've also fallen in love with the character that has the sweetest heart and smile ever! Yoo Ji Hoo...he's played by Kim Hyun Joong who is 22 years old and is part of the band SS501 i haven't listened to the band yet but i bet they're pretty good. hehe!

how good looking is he?! he's got a amazing smile too!! i'm definitely in love and can't wait to try to stalk jk! but seriously if i were to meet him...i would probably fall over! Boys Over Flowers was a pretty amazing...suspenseful...twist filled...interesting story line that has sorta helped me with my Korean (just a i was able to witness how Korean culture is even if it is just a show! lol!


i can't wait to get to Korea. i'm excited to be getting everything going and started and can't wait to finally be heading to the airport and flying the million hours to get to Korea...hehe! it's going to be a wonderful experience...i just love experiencing new things...i've been just waiting for an opportunity like this to just go out and spread my wings!


my future boyfriend lol:

i have a friend who i met through these blogs and she's getting ready to head over to Korea! it would be great if yal could keep her in mind as she starts to try to wrap up stuff here in the U.S. it's definitely stressful trying to do it all in such a short amount of time. check out her blog!

click above or click here:

she's amazing and i'm very excited for her! ^_^.

Doctors...Glasses...and Transcripts...oh my!

it's been a bit weird lately cause i expect that you would sleep late after knowing you passed your class and are a graduate of college and don't really have to worry about it and can sleep in.

but of course...i can't sleep in...or i haven't had a chance to really sleep in. yesterday i took the kids to school and so today i went to the doctor. i went to the eye doctor today...i found out that i've had my contacts since the summer before college in 2006.'s supposed to only be a year pack of contacts...and i somehow have managed to be stretched for about 2 1/2 years!?! is that not scary and crazy!? i also have had my glasses since like eyes have not gotten too bad in that astounded me and my doctor about my seriously?? how did i do that?! he made me promise i would throw my contacts away cause they had nasty junk on them... i ordered cute new purple glasses! :) i'll have to post a picture when i get them cause they're was hard to pick...i had a choice of 3 diff. glasses i liked. 2 were black and had flowers on the sides (different frame shapes: one round/ one square) and the other was purple and flowers carved out the sides...anywhoo... i also went in to talk to a doctor about some stuff and went to get shots but apparently i'm already up-to-date...THANK OUCH!

Yesterday I got a set of transcripts from the school and was like that's not right...i just ordered them like last tuesday...these were sent out last friday...grades aren't sent in until i got a bit skeptical. called today and found out theyre not right. i'm supposed to have them for Korea so i was like yay! but they're wrong and they're going to send me the new ones and i should get them by next i just need my diploma! woohoo! lol! i kinda feel like alexis bledel at this saturday night after graduation we went to a movie and saw this trailer...i was like SERIOUSLY?!?:

anyway...i am having a hard time concentrating on one thing at a! i had something cool to type but can't figure it out...maybe i'll remember... oh now i remember (edit): so as i was going to doctors and talking to people about getting things in year supply...they would ask oh why's answer (this is so cool...): "i just graduated college and am going to be moving to south korea in july"...they're response: "wow that is so neat what are you going to be doing there?" or "really??!! WOW! what'd you go to school for?" response to this: "i received my Bachelor's in Human Resources Management..." i the only one that thinks that so amazing?! i think i'm going to enjoy having graduated college and getting to tell people that i'm going to South!

i officially start working at walmart on monday cause they gave me this week to transition from being at school to living with my parents and trying to get settled. which is good cause i've had time to set up my 1 closet for as i live here. i need to go buy a few things and really start working on getting ready to go. still reading my blogs. woohoo! need to continue working on my Korean! and even working on losing weight. it's not too big of a deal for me to do this but i want to try to maintain my health. so i'm going to attempt to go walking around the park on a regular basis...we'll see how long that!

i'm actually just being boring now...all cause i really have nothing to do...i guess just trying to reassure myself that i'm not going to get stuck and will be doing something cool soon!

hehe~ Gabi

ooh edit:
I also found out for sure that i passed that one last class I was shooting for with a 70 after all my grades were's not my best grade...but it's better than not passing! :] lol!

home sweet home

it's a bit bitter sweet to be returning to the nest...i mean graduation was amazing and just being to share that moment with my friends and my family was great but it feels like i'm back to square one. i mean i have a! i'm going to be working at the good ole walmart till about july cause if all goes well then i should be leaving for south korea by then. as soon as i got here to my house, i asked my parents if i got mail and i did! it was my return envelope with my criminal records check and the apostille for it! i'm not sure what my next steps are...all i know is i pretty much have everything i need...: 1.) criminal records check and apostille 2.) 7 (well 12...) passport sized pictures for my Visa 3.) my passport 4.) transcripts ordered 5.) diploma on the way 6.) i graduated from college on May 9th...(yesterday! woohoo)...

i'm very excited to be beginning this new journey although it doesnt completely feel like i've gone anywhere...except having moved 1/2 my crap back into my house (new house since my parents moved last i have no room of my own and pretty much no privacy. My Mac is crap...trying to work on that...not going well unfortunately...and now using my parents old computer which doesnt write half of the paragraph that i write until 2 minutes later...i can't open more than one tab at a time...and check my e-mail on my i begin work at this walmart next monday and go to the doctor for a check up and a few questions on how to take care of myself for the next year in south korea. as well as an eye doctor appointment as well so i can get contacts for the next year (or glasses...we'll see)...then i have to go to the health department and start my series of Hep. shots for before i leave. i heard it's not necessary but better safe than sorry.

my diploma should arrive in 3-6 weeks and my transcripts in 2-4 weeks which sets everything to arrive approximately around June 12th to June 30th. then i have to send off for my Visa...which could take another few weeks unless i go to Houston myself...(which is a possibility)...anyway enough boring talk of me getting to S.Korea.

I'm super excited and I dont think my family is really hit by it yet except everything I do I'm doing to prepare for it. like trying to figure out where to get 2 suitcases to fill 50 pounds worth of stuff in it a piece since i wont fit into anything when i get there! lol as well as going to the docs and trying to save money and pay bills. i cant wait to start buying stuff and filling the suitcases! I'll have it packed and ready to go way before I go and even probably repack several times! lol!

i know that although it will be a while before i see my friends...i'll see them again. and although this may seem like an unrealistic thought...i wont not let it happen. i'll see them again. it's never's always see you later (i know really corny and from some corny for a boring blog!

anyway...i've still got a lot of life in me and i'm ready to live it...1 country at a time...beginning in south korea...super excited!

let's get it started!

Emo Post.

So i've been doing a pretty good amount of packing away my last year of my life from my apartment...alone...

i've thankfully had some friends who've helped me move junk to my storage unit! woohoo!

i had a breakdown after i realized that my parents wouldn't be here until friday night...i have to finish all my packing before 2pm on dad won't be here for commencement rehearsal...i have my huge test tomorrow and i'm freaking out.

i've been reviewing like crazy and feel like none of it is in my brain...argh!
this is the desk i've been studying at...

this is what it looks like...all the papers on the left of my computer are my notes and the colorful notebook has literally 9 pages front AND back (which equals 18...) written carpal tunnel hates me...

but i still have a ton to do...and i have to work tomorrow too...i have to wash my clothes...take stuff to my storage unit...clean everything out of here in order to deep!

then back to living out of boxes...until i hopefully leave for South Korea in July...

i just want to know that all this is not going to go to waste...that i'm not going to fail my class and end up disappointing my family....i wish my teacher was simpathetic and would just at least reassure me that i wouldnt walk the stage on saturday having failed my class...

this is my closet...
this is my bed...
it's never made...and the rest of my empty room...(sorta)'s a bit echoy...great for singing...not so great for my neighbors! LOL!

anywhoo...hope you enjoyed my Emo Post...


I need some ideas...I've got 2 on my leg:

and one on my wrist:

I need to figure out how to cover them up before leaving for South Korea. I don't think it'd be a big problem when I'm not in the classroom and i'm guessing i can just wear pants when i'm in the classroom but i want help with the one on my wrist. (it means Faith in Chinese) I'm looking at wrist bracelets that are thick and able to be fashionable and work in the classroom. Or if you know if things are different than what i'm told about tattoos in Korea...

i also have an eyebrow piercing that i'm wandering about...hmmm

here is some pics of ideas:

I like the first one... :]

anyway...i'm super excited and hope and pray to God that i pass this one class....

almost done...
5 days...6 hours...and 25 minutes...