New Job...New Glasses...New in-SIGHT! ^_^.

Annyeonghaseyo! Hello! How's it going!

So I officially started working at Walmart here in's definitely different than Abilene's this one is smaller and WAY older. Abilene's is only like 3 years old as opposed to this one taht i've known since about 6 or so...i'm 20 apparently it was up for remodel but it never got done...someone told me all the stuff is in the storage out-back...what a waste of money...IMO. i'm also getting paid LESS than in Abilene because of the "cost-of-living"...that's crap! i should get paid the same no matter what...i mean seriously?!

well was my 2nd day and i'll just live with it until i leave...i hae to make money somehow before leaving for Korea...unfortunately some money is going towards paying the school AND paying my contacts (about $228.70...for a year pack...)...well i guess that brings me to my glasses!

lol i got new glasses...aren't they cute:
they look! they're Plum...and they have that cute engraving on the side...they're all decked out...with Anti-Reflective coating for when i'm on my computer for hours at a time or watching tv...I got the tinting in well as had them shaved down so it wasn't so i'm pretty much blind...but mom's insurance covered my glasses since i thought i might need them so just in case in Korea i needed them...they would have cost a whopping...$528.00....!!!!!! So i'm not complaining too much about my contacts cause it would've cost more doing it the other way around... lol!

As soon as I put them on...i could tell immediately tell the difference...everything was brighter (strange...) hurts my eyes a bit cause i had my old glasses since 2005 and that's 4 years it's a huge inSIGHT! haha!

I'm getting more and more anxious to get my diploma and transcripts to get to Korea...i'm too excited...i think! lol! i'm trying to get my Korean down...and working on my loans to finally be able to pay them on-line while in Korea. I also got 2 movies today. I finally got Pride and Prejudice as well as Dirty Dancing (with Patrik Swayze and Jennifer Grey) lol! ^_^.

anywhoo...i still need to get:
  • he's just not that into you- DVD Release June 2nd
  • in good company
  • confessions of a shopaholic- DVD Release June 23rd
anywhoo...American Idol is about to come on...aaahhhh!!!
Kris Allen vs. Adam Lambert...
Who Will WIN?!


Annyeong! Goodbye!