up and running

so this last weekend spending time with april was amazing! i haven't seen april in what feels like a million years and although we only got to spend 2 days together it was great. :] i love you april!

we didn't really do much just pretty much lazied around! lol yesterday i arrived around 12pm and then phillip arrived around 2ish to escort us to the Apple store to get my computer fixed...we walked around the most expensive looking mall for about an hour and a half...actually i think we sat in the food court like total dorks for half an hour but whatever! lol everything was so expensive...you have to like own your own business to have a cup of icecream there! haha! well after that we headed to the apple store and the girl takes a look at my computer...i had a personal appointment with a Mac Genius...hehe! anywhoo...she checked it out and said it didnt seem like anything should be wrong with the system that it could be that i hadnt been updating my computer...whatever...so we updated it and she decided she would check with her boss about keeping it overnight to run a diagnostic test and get the top of my computer fixed. my keyboard and the corners were dirty and cracked for some reason so she volunteered to get it fixed for me for free! woohoo! lol! so now everything feels so new! hehe! and clean looking! i'll have to be more careful now...hehe...well we left to go to dinner at a mexican restaurant and it was actually really good! :] yummy! hehe afterwards we went back to april's place and watched 2 movies...in the middle of one we switched it and then went back...but i think we spent more time having fun with april's bunny rabbits...Raven and Chloe! haha! they were super cute!

anywhoo...they called me this morning the apple store called and said that my hardrive failed every test that it went through and they ran it like 20 times...so pretty much my hard drive was on the way out and they were surprised it hadn't already died...so i was like yup that's what i thought...so i went to best buy pretty much across the street from the mall after picking up my computer at Apple and got a new hardrive installed and officially have everything back on my computer...i have everything updated...installed...and running smoothly so far...

it's nice to know and hope that i wont lose everything...again...and again...and...again...hehe. now i can upload pictures and so much more cause the cute guy at best buy said that i have a whole lost more room that i did on my old hardrive... :]

after we did that we went back to the house and just chilled out till i came home at like 9... :]

it was super nice to get away...definitely felt like a whole weekend even though it was just overnight! lol! i love my family...really...sometimes you have to step back and have time to yourself...or to friends!

i love you april!! i can't wait to see if you'll visit me in South Korea!

well i'm off to bed...i have to mail off my wii in the morning to whoever bought it on ebay...lol! then work all day tomorrow...how depressing...but again i have to make money before i leave...

saving money is a pain... :-P

fingers crossed that i receive my paperwork this week...


Phillip said...

Oh how exciting! Im an escort! ...I guess it fits my theme song ; )

I'm glad someone fixed your computer!!! ...as long as it got fixed for free haha