New Love! ^_^.

So i've just finished the Korean sensation Boys Over was amazing...i've been watching it non-stop for the last 3 days (26!) it's about 1 1/2 hourse each episode too! but i've also fallen in love with the character that has the sweetest heart and smile ever! Yoo Ji Hoo...he's played by Kim Hyun Joong who is 22 years old and is part of the band SS501 i haven't listened to the band yet but i bet they're pretty good. hehe!

how good looking is he?! he's got a amazing smile too!! i'm definitely in love and can't wait to try to stalk jk! but seriously if i were to meet him...i would probably fall over! Boys Over Flowers was a pretty amazing...suspenseful...twist filled...interesting story line that has sorta helped me with my Korean (just a i was able to witness how Korean culture is even if it is just a show! lol!


i can't wait to get to Korea. i'm excited to be getting everything going and started and can't wait to finally be heading to the airport and flying the million hours to get to Korea...hehe! it's going to be a wonderful experience...i just love experiencing new things...i've been just waiting for an opportunity like this to just go out and spread my wings!


my future boyfriend lol:

i have a friend who i met through these blogs and she's getting ready to head over to Korea! it would be great if yal could keep her in mind as she starts to try to wrap up stuff here in the U.S. it's definitely stressful trying to do it all in such a short amount of time. check out her blog!

click above or click here:

she's amazing and i'm very excited for her! ^_^.