Doctors...Glasses...and Transcripts...oh my!

it's been a bit weird lately cause i expect that you would sleep late after knowing you passed your class and are a graduate of college and don't really have to worry about it and can sleep in.

but of course...i can't sleep in...or i haven't had a chance to really sleep in. yesterday i took the kids to school and so today i went to the doctor. i went to the eye doctor today...i found out that i've had my contacts since the summer before college in 2006.'s supposed to only be a year pack of contacts...and i somehow have managed to be stretched for about 2 1/2 years!?! is that not scary and crazy!? i also have had my glasses since like eyes have not gotten too bad in that astounded me and my doctor about my seriously?? how did i do that?! he made me promise i would throw my contacts away cause they had nasty junk on them... i ordered cute new purple glasses! :) i'll have to post a picture when i get them cause they're was hard to pick...i had a choice of 3 diff. glasses i liked. 2 were black and had flowers on the sides (different frame shapes: one round/ one square) and the other was purple and flowers carved out the sides...anywhoo... i also went in to talk to a doctor about some stuff and went to get shots but apparently i'm already up-to-date...THANK OUCH!

Yesterday I got a set of transcripts from the school and was like that's not right...i just ordered them like last tuesday...these were sent out last friday...grades aren't sent in until i got a bit skeptical. called today and found out theyre not right. i'm supposed to have them for Korea so i was like yay! but they're wrong and they're going to send me the new ones and i should get them by next i just need my diploma! woohoo! lol! i kinda feel like alexis bledel at this saturday night after graduation we went to a movie and saw this trailer...i was like SERIOUSLY?!?:

anyway...i am having a hard time concentrating on one thing at a! i had something cool to type but can't figure it out...maybe i'll remember... oh now i remember (edit): so as i was going to doctors and talking to people about getting things in year supply...they would ask oh why's answer (this is so cool...): "i just graduated college and am going to be moving to south korea in july"...they're response: "wow that is so neat what are you going to be doing there?" or "really??!! WOW! what'd you go to school for?" response to this: "i received my Bachelor's in Human Resources Management..." i the only one that thinks that so amazing?! i think i'm going to enjoy having graduated college and getting to tell people that i'm going to South!

i officially start working at walmart on monday cause they gave me this week to transition from being at school to living with my parents and trying to get settled. which is good cause i've had time to set up my 1 closet for as i live here. i need to go buy a few things and really start working on getting ready to go. still reading my blogs. woohoo! need to continue working on my Korean! and even working on losing weight. it's not too big of a deal for me to do this but i want to try to maintain my health. so i'm going to attempt to go walking around the park on a regular basis...we'll see how long that!

i'm actually just being boring now...all cause i really have nothing to do...i guess just trying to reassure myself that i'm not going to get stuck and will be doing something cool soon!

hehe~ Gabi

ooh edit:
I also found out for sure that i passed that one last class I was shooting for with a 70 after all my grades were's not my best grade...but it's better than not passing! :] lol!