My Apartment!!


I just wrote a blog about before arriving but now I want to write about my first weekend in Korea!

Saturday, my friend, Rosie and I went to Itaewon to charge her phone and go to an Irish Pub to eat food. we took the subway... which was my first subway ride and i got a T-Money card! woohoo! i'm hoping to get the phone T-Money card where i can just put my phone on the sensor and it reads it... but it's still cool that it can get the card through my wallet... for those not in Korea... T-money is where you have this card and when you get on a subway you pass the stations and you put your card on it and it charges you for the subway ride... but it only charges how far you go. on the other end you place your card on that end sensor and it just charges for your trip! it's super neat!

The restaurant was called like Wolfhound or something and it was really a nice restaurant with nice service... a lot of foreigners... but i was told that Itaewon is big with foreigners... so i understand... after eating and charging her phone... we decided we should head back... after heading back we walked around Donum market and went into some like "face" shops and i bought some cleansers to help my skin. i also got some wonderful samples! lol an extra mask and 2 little sample bottles of a few things...

we decided to head to somewhere close to Itaewon to visit Rosie's friend cause we couldnt figure out what to do in Seongbuk and had some fun there. after hanging out at her place we decided to go back to Itaewon... rosie and i hung out and went to Kraze Burger for dinner and later hung out with her friend... we met them and went to a Hookah Bar (btw it's legal to drink here at 19 years of age... so dont judge me!) I actually fell up some stairs cause it was dark and there were only candles leading out... it hit something and i have major brusing on my leg! so crazy!

after there we went to The Loft (another bar) with a 5,000Won entrance fee (like less than $5) and free drinks for women... lol and then after that we went to another Bar on Homo Hill (very low key and very cozy) and just chatted...

i've really enjoyed getting to know my coworkers and i've made a friend or two! It's weird cause i'm the youngest (20 yrs. old) out of everyone... like literally... the 2nd youngest (2 guys... i think) are 22 years old... but it doesnt feel like i'm the youngest... except when we go to bars and i remind myself that i'm not in the states! lol!

Sunday i didnt do much... got out and ate at an Indian Food restaurant with a new friend who was visiting someone and today... i got my medical examination done and did more observing...

tomorrow is my day of vacation... pretty much moving into my apartment and getting everything spread out among my apartment... maybe i can actually find something i can use! lol!

then Wednesday is our Orientation and it's 3 days packed full of how to teach! Monday we begin teaching officially and i'm a bit nervous... :-P

hopefully this week will just be filled with prep time... everyone else is going on vacation so i'll be here just working away! lol!

so far... i love it here... it definitely feels like home (i think i've mentioned this a few times... lol)... and it's nice when i can walk down the street alone or with someone and but a coke or order my own food! ^_^. I cant wait to get a phone and bank account so it's for me!


hopefully i can update more when it's actually interesting!! lol!

Up! UP! and AWAY!

So I know this is definitely out of order but I wanted to tell everyone how it went down as I arrived!

First of course I have to make it in time to get my tickets and catch my plane! I had to make it to DFW, which is about 2 or so hours away from my lil town... well we left at like 7am instead of 6 like i wanted to and barely made it by 9:30 or so for my 11am flight... it stormed on us and then traffic hit but we had more than 2 people so we got into the HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicles) and made it just in time!

Waiting in line... with a million people going to Korea... I spotted someone I recognized... (such a small world seriously!)... I didn't know for sure if that was him or not but anyway! the line was moving at a pretty high speed which was great and i was ready to not have my humongous bags! lol... well we finally made it to the counter and next to us (well they were in front of us but now they're in the queue)... were trying to get tickets and the guy behind the counter is like i can't find their tickets and so he asked the girl helping me... it turns out they were needing to fly to Mexico and were in the KOREAN AIRLINES line... yeah... well after being directed where to go... they were off... and i could finally get my bags off to the Korean Air plane... they came in at 50.5 lbs (EACH!)... how amazing! lol! packing and repacking really paid off!! :-P

after getting everything... i finally had to say goodbye to my dad and brother and on to a life in South Korea. I already miss my family but I know this is where I want to be for a while and I know i'll see them again soon! anyway back to the security line. i stood there while the line went pretty quickly and finally got to my turn and had to put my stuff up on the belt... as i walk up... the lady tells me i forgot my shoes... i'm like oh crap that's the one thing i knew i'd get right! obviously i was getting worried about way too many things! lol!

well i got through everything pretty swiftly and after a little while found a seat... i wouldn't be sitting long cause the plane would start boarding at like 10:30am. when i got in line that's when i was confirmed that the person i had recognized was really him! I went to school with him and i know him through a friend. he's also in korea teaching so i know we'll hang out soon!

once on the plane... i was hoping really hard that i wouldnt get seated next to anyone... but apparently someone booked last minute... it was a nice Korean young man who actually put my bag up in the baggage area for me! throughout the plane ride, we didnt really talk much... since i sat by the window... it was a few picture pleases and gum? and i would ask him if he wanted candy or if the picture was okay. then... towards then end i realized i was getting close to korea (after a few naps) and probably should brush up on phrases like: I'm Lost... can you help me? lol and brought out my trusty ipod with videos of Korean in simplest form... he apparently thought it was good cause i saw him looking over my shoulder a few times and agreeing that everything looked right... lol!

the plane ride was quick and exciting... and once arriving at like 3:30pm (Korea time)... I got there and started looking for a phone (AND even got my bags and exchanged money on my own)... i didn't find a phone but i found a taxi driver who let me use his phone because he thought i would end up taking his taxi... i took a bus which wasn't bad... i really enjoyed it actually!

after the hour and a half bus ride from Incheon Airport to Seongbuk-gu, Seoul... i was picked up by the assistant director and taken to the apartment i've been staying at now for like 4 days... i've been staying with another foreign teacher and a new foreign teacher who is from Ireland.

for the night... we went out to dinner with some teachers and even met someone i met here on the blogs! lol she works at my school as well and it was by chance that i met her online! lol! after dinner we went to this new bar and after that we went to this building called the CGV building and this is where my last blog started!

ever since i've been here... i've been able to get around more and recognize places and even do my own thing without being nervous. lol i really can see myself living here for a while... i guess i should get through my first week of school first! lol!

New Pics!

New pics on my facebook... Just click on the link on the Right side of the page with the words: Facebook Korean Photos! (under the Links section!)

^_^. Will Post soon when exciting stuff happens!!

Adventures So far!

So it's been a few days since i've updated and since them i've arrived in Korea! woohoo! I am currently staying with another teacher in her apartment until Tuesday which is when the teacher that i'm taking over for moves out. All the teachers seem really nice and I hope to make good friends! The first night... despite jetlag... we went out to eat "Korean Italian"... it definitely was very good! then we went to hang out at a few places which includes the HUGE CGV Movie Theater almost diagonal from our school... we climbed to the top and took some awesome pictures...

I'll have to load pictures up later because this is the first time i'm taking out my computer... my ipod was dying... and anyway... yeah i need to preserve power so hopefully this blog will be quick! ^_^.

My first day observing was Thursday, July 23rd... I went to different classes...which included classses i would take over and other classes I watched to get the hang of things from other teachers. It was a tiring day with jetlag setting in at the end... but overall fun.

Friday, I also observed different classes and got a taste of preparing for lessons...woohoo! afterwards I went and saw my apartment. After work we held a going away party for some teachers... we did Naerobang... which is a Karoake Room and then have just hang out every since...

Friday I really conqured some feets (lol at least to me! hehe)...

I walked about a block to get coffee on my own for me and a teacher then walked back to my school... hehe! THEN, later i was able to take a taxi back to where I am staying... this is hard because it was 5am and i dont know much Korean especially not directions so i picked some up from a friend and was dropped off and i walked from wherever I was... come to find out... I was going the RIGHT way! woohoo! i got back home and still not asleep... now i'm writing... hehe... I've tried Kimchi... YUMMY!... a bunch of other Korean food that is just delicious! I'm so excited...

things i'll have to get used to is the Gazmillions of stairs that I have to walk up and down about everday... i probably will end up building muscle in my legs from this! It's so hard! lol!

The students seem very nice and smart... definitely smart... and although a few of them have issues with my size... i think they'll grow to love me no matter what!

I already feel so at home... it just makes it so nice! ^_^.

Tomorrow (or today... i guess... lol Saturday)... My friend is taking me to Itaewon to look around and just hang out! it's so nice of her! ^_^... i cant wait so i better go to bed! Nights!!

i'm so sleepy that i cant think of anything else to write...

the weathers not bad right now... and it just rained today but not too bad!

okay i'm falling asleep typing so goodnight!



It's so crazy...WOW!

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3 days!

So i've received my etickets... selected my seat number... and repacked probably about a gazillion times! lol! it's so amazing that i will be leaving in less than 3 days!

My flight has been scheduled for Tuesday at 11am (i'll be arriving in Korea at 3:05PM and 1:05AM-Central Time) and I plan to be at the DFW airport about 8:30am or so! lol! so I probably wont be sleeping Monday night cause I never get to sleep on nights before big days! like the night before graduation i definitely couldnt sleep... i woke up a million times in panick that i forgot something... So I might as well use the night before to get ready rather than attempt to sleep! and it should help me sleep better on the plane. We'll be leaving the house at like 6:30-7:00 in the morning anyway!

i picked a window seat towards the very back of the plane cause I want to be close enough to the flight attendant area and bathroom so that I can walk around without worrying about annoying anyone!

(my last flight to China I got up to walk around and one man told me to not walk around him so i just stood in the flight attendant area near a window. lol)

I picked a seat that has an open seat next to it (for now at least...) i'm hoping it stays empty and i get a seat alone. if not that's okay cause it's only 2 seats as opposed to 3 or being the middle with like 5! lol! i hate bothering people! lol!

after I arrive... I'm supposed to exchange my currency at the airport and find a pay phone in hopes of getting a hold of my director so the assistant director can pick me up from my bus stop... lol! i'm then supposed to find a bus (i have the number here somewhere... i printed the directions and have them in my well the bus is supposed to take me from the Incheon Seoul Airport to a bus stop near Hanseong University (i even have a sign to show the bus driver to make sure i'm on the right bus!!)

after the bus ride I am to meet the assistant director where he will then take me to stay with another teacher where they apparently have several open rooms. I'll stay with them until after the teacher that is currently in my apartment moves out at the end of the month. This will be good... I wont be completely thrown into Korea alone... lol hopefully they know i'm coming!

i'm extremely excited to be going on this journey... it's so strange how quickly everything is going! it's all gone so smoothly that I know this can only come from God!

these last few days will be filled with visiting family and packing...

oh yeah... once i told my dad about my friend that i met at the Korean consulate getting her TEFL certification and making more money, he has begun encouraging me get the certification and even possibly stay in Korea for longer or even a different country if it comes to that. It's such a change cause he has not been fully on board with me leaving. i've reassured him that if i do get another contract that i'll use my flight back to visit my family at the end of my contract. it makes me happy to know that my family supports me and to know that they Love me enough to let me go.

I ♥ my family and am definitely going to miss them!

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4 days left!

Jordin Sparks with the Wondergirls!

This is cute! the Wondergirls teach Jordin Sparks their dance for their Korean song turned English... "Nobody"

7 days and counting...

Today has been 1 long day! today was my appointment/ "interview" at the Korean consulate in Houston. i woke up unintentionally at 6am... tried to sleep for 30-45 minutes hoping that i wouldnt be so tired for the 4 hour drive ahead of us... finally after coaxing myself out of my couch/bed... i started getting ready... i usually take about 15-25 minutes to get ready and so i was definitely ready to go by 7 which was the plan but my parents were a bit sluggish today! lol!

we finally headed out the door by about 8:15 and made it to houston by about 12:30... after circling the area a bit looking for the Korean consulate...we discovered it was tucked away in a building on the 12th floor... i then when upstairs to see if i could get an earlier appointment... no luck of course... and so we then went to eat across the way and wait for 2pm to come around... my appointment was at 2:30 but again... i can only hope for an early

after eating... i walk back across the way while my parents explore houston a bit... i mean who knows how long this could take... after arriving i "checked in" or whatever and they asked me to just have a seat... i think this is the point where i was like... this is real! i mean there were koreans speaking korean around me... in this one little office... maps of korea... and i was about to get my interview for my visa to teach english... wow.

well i didn't get my early interview but i did get to meet 5 other people who were going to Korea as well... as early as tomorrow and as late as mid-August! we all had appointments set for 2:30pm... we had some fun conversations about how well or horrid this experience could go! lol! the interviews finally started with me at 3:00. it wasn't bad at all either... lol i just pretty much just answered everything that was already in my application. makes me glad there wasn't anything huge like...if a child acts badly how would you punish them... lol i've seen that somewhere online... we all exchanged emails and hope to hang out in Korea once we all get settled! I think it's so neat to meet people that will be experiencing similar situations like moving to a new country where you don't know ANYTHING! lol!

after that... i was told to pick up my passport between 4-4:30... my parents and i decided to explore the galleria a bit and hope to get my dad the newer iPhone...but after my prediction of it not happening... it definitely didn't happen... again... lol my dad has been hunting for the iPhone 3G-S since it came out the week he got his regular iPhone 3G... it's like he's obssessed with finding it... but now I understand where I get that trait from... lol!

well after picking up our visas at 4:30... my parents and i decided it was time to leave... traffic definitely hit pretty quickly... but we got through it by 6 or so... we arrived at home around 9:30... i'm extremely tired cause i haven't been able to sleep... horrid dreams... stress... my inability to go to bed at a good time no matter how tired i actually am! lol!

maybe this is a good thing... i mean when i get to korea i'll be extremely tired and be forced to start a sleeping pattern! (either that or let my body and immune system crash... i definitely am NOT going to let that happen!! lol)

well i'll sign off with this little video to express how giddy i am about having my passport back with a new freshly stamped Visa inside... enjoy!!:

this one is them live if you want to read the english subs... i couldnt find a good one in the MV version with the eng subs... the music was off... it bothers me! lol! I love Korean music! ^_^.


oh and before i forget! I hear the Wondergirls are doing pretty good with the Jonas Brothers! Wondergirls...FIGHTING! you're doing great! keep up the good work! lol! I love the WG! lol!



Getting Closer...

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Beautiful Song from the Naked Kitchen

Same Song but in all Korean from Boys Over Flowers...

Flight Schedule!

I pretty much just copy and pasted this from my myspace... i didnt feel like retyping it! lol!

So I received word this morning after I got up early from my inability to fall asleep last night and sleep in this morning, I called the Korean consulate to settle a problem we had with my visa issuance number. After receiving the correct one from my director and passing it on to the consulate I had to wait again.

But not for long thankfully! I don't know how I've survived waiting for everything but I have lol! They called back within 10 minutes... I guess cause I called 2 minutes after they opened!! Lol! I got an interview time set up with them on Monday in Houston! My parents are planning on taking me! Woohoo!

Well after receiving this news, I emailed my director cause she wanted to know when my passport would be returned so they could book my flight! I found out I will get it back the same day as my interview.

She emailed me just moments ago my itinerary for my flight on July 21st, which is the date we were shooting for. I will leave dfw at 11am and arrive in Seoul at 3pm on the 22nd. So I'll be arriving on the 22nd US time at pretty much 1am!

LOL so a 14 hour flight is ahead of me if you don't want to do the math!! Sorry this is so long but I know a few people read this!

Now hopefully i'll be able to sleep... my only worries now can be packing... but i have plenty of time for that and several hands on deck to help me through these issues! lol!

Better Now than Never! ^_^.


Everything got settled with my Visa number and I have an appointment at the Korean consulate on Monday!

I'm so glad and excited! Hopefully my dad can go with us cause I know how much my mom hates Houston and traveling!!


Invalid? maybe I wrote it down wrong... is it...

Yes that's right... my Visa Issuance Number is invalid... I didn't write it down wrong but somehow I think it's missing a few numbers cause it's supposed to have 8 numbers after some letters and mine only came with the letters and 6 numbers. So i've emailed my director and hopefully she'll email me back tonight and i'll call them back tomorrow morning...

i guess this means i'll hopefully get my appointment tomorrow since i've been "set" aside... hopefully... :)

anyway... while i freak out... i'll continue to freak out about fitting all my clothes into my suitcase... which is starting to be impossible... thank goodness my mom is off for the next week and a half... till about right before i leave... so i know i'll have her helping me... i did a trial run... it's horrid!!!

anyway... i'm off to do something else but wallow in my suffering... haha!



More Waiting... :)

So I've finally received my visa confirmation number and have mailed everything off to Houston... it should arrive tomorrow around 12...

i'm now waiting for it to arrive and hope that by the end of the week i'll receive a call or e-mail with an interview set before july 20th. i'm supposedly leaving july 21st and can't believe i have 2 complete weeks before i leave. i haven't even begun working through my closet... i'll start that today.

i'm going to start cutting back on everything... hopefully i can save money before I leave! lol!

i'm excited and know that God will work it all out...!!

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The day is done!

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SO i've completed my term at Walmart... THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

woohoo!! i'm so excited... now to wait at home for the visa issuance number and pack up my closet!

*fingers crossed* for Sunday night!! (since it's now the weekend in Korea! lol!)

***watching Bridezilla! hehe!***

18 days and counting...

so i haven't messaged in a while... i still haven't received my issuance number and i'm getting antsy! i still have to plan a trip to houston as soon as they decide is time for my interview or whatever... i am at home right now on my lunch break from work and am ready for this day to be over! i went in to work at 8:30am and get out at 5:30... ARGH!!! i feel like not going back since it's my last day but it's not fair to people who are working and need breaks and what-not... so i'm going to go back... plus i need the money!! lol! i am so glad to be done at walmart for good... the one when i was going to school wasn't bad but when i transferred here... it was horrid... not a big fan... i think they need to train some managers in people skills... anywhoo that's just my opinion...

i'm so excited to also be done so that i can get to packing up my closet and storing away things i wont need and packing up my suitcases so i can repack them a few times... cause i know i'll do that!!! haha! well this will be short... i just wanted to express my excitement in my last day at work and the trip to SK coming up in 18 days!!

here's another countdown! the sun expresses just how HOT!!! it is here in East Texas!!!! steaming... burns your lungs hot... lol at least when you first turn on your BLACK car! lol!!


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