7 days and counting...

Today has been 1 long day! today was my appointment/ "interview" at the Korean consulate in Houston. i woke up unintentionally at 6am... tried to sleep for 30-45 minutes hoping that i wouldnt be so tired for the 4 hour drive ahead of us... finally after coaxing myself out of my couch/bed... i started getting ready... i usually take about 15-25 minutes to get ready and so i was definitely ready to go by 7 which was the plan but my parents were a bit sluggish today! lol!

we finally headed out the door by about 8:15 and made it to houston by about 12:30... after circling the area a bit looking for the Korean consulate...we discovered it was tucked away in a building on the 12th floor... i then when upstairs to see if i could get an earlier appointment... no luck of course... and so we then went to eat across the way and wait for 2pm to come around... my appointment was at 2:30 but again... i can only hope for an early appointment...lol

after eating... i walk back across the way while my parents explore houston a bit... i mean who knows how long this could take... after arriving i "checked in" or whatever and they asked me to just have a seat... i think this is the point where i was like... this is real! i mean there were koreans speaking korean around me... in this one little office... maps of korea... and i was about to get my interview for my visa to teach english... wow.

well i didn't get my early interview but i did get to meet 5 other people who were going to Korea as well... as early as tomorrow and as late as mid-August! we all had appointments set for 2:30pm... we had some fun conversations about how well or horrid this experience could go! lol! the interviews finally started with me at 3:00. it wasn't bad at all either... lol i just pretty much just answered everything that was already in my application. makes me glad there wasn't anything huge like...if a child acts badly how would you punish them... lol i've seen that somewhere online... we all exchanged emails and hope to hang out in Korea once we all get settled! I think it's so neat to meet people that will be experiencing similar situations like moving to a new country where you don't know ANYTHING! lol!

after that... i was told to pick up my passport between 4-4:30... my parents and i decided to explore the galleria a bit and hope to get my dad the newer iPhone...but after my prediction of it not happening... it definitely didn't happen... again... lol my dad has been hunting for the iPhone 3G-S since it came out the week he got his regular iPhone 3G... it's like he's obssessed with finding it... but now I understand where I get that trait from... lol!

well after picking up our visas at 4:30... my parents and i decided it was time to leave... traffic definitely hit pretty quickly... but we got through it by 6 or so... we arrived at home around 9:30... i'm extremely tired cause i haven't been able to sleep... horrid dreams... stress... my inability to go to bed at a good time no matter how tired i actually am! lol!

maybe this is a good thing... i mean when i get to korea i'll be extremely tired and be forced to start a sleeping pattern! (either that or let my body and immune system crash... i definitely am NOT going to let that happen!! lol)

well i'll sign off with this little video to express how giddy i am about having my passport back with a new freshly stamped Visa inside... enjoy!!:

this one is them live if you want to read the english subs... i couldnt find a good one in the MV version with the eng subs... the music was off... it bothers me! lol! I love Korean music! ^_^.


oh and before i forget! I hear the Wondergirls are doing pretty good with the Jonas Brothers! Wondergirls...FIGHTING! you're doing great! keep up the good work! lol! I love the WG! lol!