I just wrote a blog about before arriving but now I want to write about my first weekend in Korea!

Saturday, my friend, Rosie and I went to Itaewon to charge her phone and go to an Irish Pub to eat food. we took the subway... which was my first subway ride and i got a T-Money card! woohoo! i'm hoping to get the phone T-Money card where i can just put my phone on the sensor and it reads it... but it's still cool that it can get the card through my wallet... for those not in Korea... T-money is where you have this card and when you get on a subway you pass the stations and you put your card on it and it charges you for the subway ride... but it only charges how far you go. on the other end you place your card on that end sensor and it just charges for your trip! it's super neat!

The restaurant was called like Wolfhound or something and it was really a nice restaurant with nice service... a lot of foreigners... but i was told that Itaewon is big with foreigners... so i understand... after eating and charging her phone... we decided we should head back... after heading back we walked around Donum market and went into some like "face" shops and i bought some cleansers to help my skin. i also got some wonderful samples! lol an extra mask and 2 little sample bottles of a few things...

we decided to head to somewhere close to Itaewon to visit Rosie's friend cause we couldnt figure out what to do in Seongbuk and had some fun there. after hanging out at her place we decided to go back to Itaewon... rosie and i hung out and went to Kraze Burger for dinner and later hung out with her friend... we met them and went to a Hookah Bar (btw it's legal to drink here at 19 years of age... so dont judge me!) I actually fell up some stairs cause it was dark and there were only candles leading out... it hit something and i have major brusing on my leg! so crazy!

after there we went to The Loft (another bar) with a 5,000Won entrance fee (like less than $5) and free drinks for women... lol and then after that we went to another Bar on Homo Hill (very low key and very cozy) and just chatted...

i've really enjoyed getting to know my coworkers and i've made a friend or two! It's weird cause i'm the youngest (20 yrs. old) out of everyone... like literally... the 2nd youngest (2 guys... i think) are 22 years old... but it doesnt feel like i'm the youngest... except when we go to bars and i remind myself that i'm not in the states! lol!

Sunday i didnt do much... got out and ate at an Indian Food restaurant with a new friend who was visiting someone and today... i got my medical examination done and did more observing...

tomorrow is my day of vacation... pretty much moving into my apartment and getting everything spread out among my apartment... maybe i can actually find something i can use! lol!

then Wednesday is our Orientation and it's 3 days packed full of how to teach! Monday we begin teaching officially and i'm a bit nervous... :-P

hopefully this week will just be filled with prep time... everyone else is going on vacation so i'll be here just working away! lol!

so far... i love it here... it definitely feels like home (i think i've mentioned this a few times... lol)... and it's nice when i can walk down the street alone or with someone and but a coke or order my own food! ^_^. I cant wait to get a phone and bank account so it's for me!


hopefully i can update more when it's actually interesting!! lol!


Anonymous said...

Yeah we went to my friend's house in Cheongdam, which is not near Itaewon! And then we went back to Itaewon after helping her get ready for her date, because she wanted some backup in case she didn't like him!

SeoulSearching said...

haha! I couldn't remember the name!! LOL