More Waiting... :)

So I've finally received my visa confirmation number and have mailed everything off to Houston... it should arrive tomorrow around 12...

i'm now waiting for it to arrive and hope that by the end of the week i'll receive a call or e-mail with an interview set before july 20th. i'm supposedly leaving july 21st and can't believe i have 2 complete weeks before i leave. i haven't even begun working through my closet... i'll start that today.

i'm going to start cutting back on everything... hopefully i can save money before I leave! lol!

i'm excited and know that God will work it all out...!!

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Lola O. said...

Yay!!!! I'm sure it will all work out and you will get your interview before you leave.

Procyin said...

Hey there!

I also am starting with YBM ECC on August 3rd..but in Mokdong, Seoul. It's been interesting reading your excitement about it. Also, good to see someone else with a great interest in Korea heading over. :)

Anyway, I didn't hear about a flight date, but I just sent my visa app. to my consulate (Montreal). I hope I go on the 21st too..early enough to explore before work starts!

SeoulSearching said...

thanx! i hope things go well! you can e-mail me if you'd like! I love meeting new people that will be in Korea! I think it's good to have friends there to hang out with and get used to the new surroundings together! even if it's not at the same city or school!! :)