Flight Schedule!

I pretty much just copy and pasted this from my myspace... i didnt feel like retyping it! lol!

So I received word this morning after I got up early from my inability to fall asleep last night and sleep in this morning, I called the Korean consulate to settle a problem we had with my visa issuance number. After receiving the correct one from my director and passing it on to the consulate I had to wait again.

But not for long thankfully! I don't know how I've survived waiting for everything but I have lol! They called back within 10 minutes... I guess cause I called 2 minutes after they opened!! Lol! I got an interview time set up with them on Monday in Houston! My parents are planning on taking me! Woohoo!

Well after receiving this news, I emailed my director cause she wanted to know when my passport would be returned so they could book my flight! I found out I will get it back the same day as my interview.

She emailed me just moments ago my itinerary for my flight on July 21st, which is the date we were shooting for. I will leave dfw at 11am and arrive in Seoul at 3pm on the 22nd. So I'll be arriving on the 22nd US time at pretty much 1am!

LOL so a 14 hour flight is ahead of me if you don't want to do the math!! Sorry this is so long but I know a few people read this!

Now hopefully i'll be able to sleep... my only worries now can be packing... but i have plenty of time for that and several hands on deck to help me through these issues! lol!


Foreigner Joy said...

What airline? If it is Korean Air expect excellent service :)

Flying tips: eye mask and ear plugs. Neck pillow. Bring less as carryon.