So the last time I updated, I talked about being let go and what could possibly be the next steps for me.

Well in the last week, I've moved to Nowon, put up a Christmas tree, and figured out a little about what I want to do in the next two months.

Last Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Youngsu and I set out on the hunt for a new apartment.  This will be the house that after we get married, Youngsu will be moving into, so we needed something that would be big enough for two people and 3 pets.

well to our luck, the last realtor we talked to happened to have what we were looking for.  I'm happy to say that I'm really happy with this place and can see myself living here for some time.  At the moment, our contract is for 2 years so it's officially mine ours.

Here's some pictures of how we decorated it and how spacious it can be~~

The kids like it and we're glad~~  More pictures will come as we finish up other places~~

For the future plan, I've decided to take a break.  I haven't really had a break since I started working at around 16 or 17 and think a few months to study Korean and just hang out would be nice.  I really want to try to focus on studying more and getting better at speaking Korean.  The reason that I'm really laid back about not having a job at the moment is because theres a possible job already lined up for March.  Just waiting for my paperwork to come in and then I'll be on to sign a contract.

For now, I'll be finishing my contract in two weeks and then dealing with immigration and then the relaxing can begin.  Maybe I'll be blogging a lot more then~~

I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Have a good one!

On the search again...

And so... the search begins again.

It looks like I'll be looking for a new job once again.  I was informed on Friday that my school wants to change me and my co-teacher because our program is not doing well.  Therefore it's our fault.

So I have to find a new job and a new house by the end of December.  Youngsu and I kinda see this as a blessing in disguise cause well... I can move closer to him in Nowon and since this school didn't turn out as I wanted, I can find a better job with higher pay (hopefully~)

At the moment, we're just trying to figure out how things will work because it seems that I won't be getting a few things that I would normally get if I finish my full contract.  So we'll see.

Apartment hunting seems to be the most fun at the moment.

As it seems we'll be busy for a while and strained on money... I might not be blogging as much but as soon as we do something fun and get moved and settled... I'll be back!

 See you all soon~~

도봉산~ Dobong Mountain~

Last weekend, after fighting off a bit of a what I thought was a random cold but actually turned out to be a lymph node swelling in my neck, Youngsu and I went hiking with his mom and brother at Dobong Mountain.  It was a really great area and although it was one of the easier mountains... I have to admit... it was tough.  His mom is an absolute PRO at hiking and I tried my best to keep up with her but alas... it was impossible.  So Youngsu and I stayed behind and took our time going up the mountain.  A lot of it I think had to do with my problem so I think hopefully next time I'll have an easier time keeping up.  Here's some pictures from our mountain trip~

 Younger brother, mom, and me~
 Youngsu, mom, and me~~


Last week I had a random day off on Wednesday, 10/19, so I met up with my friend 효진 (Hyojin) and we went to the Gwanghwamun/ Jonggak area to hang out and eat Mexican food~~  Later that night, Youngsu and I went out with her and her husband to eat more food and watch them play billiards~

It was a great day off and I got a new korean book that I hope to put into good use~~  ^^

Comic museum and Seoul Grand Park~

A few weekends ago on Saturday, October 8th, we met up with Youngsu's friends to eat and hang out.  I really like this tradition that they've set up and really loving getting to be a part of it.  This particular weekend, we met up to eat shrimp, duck, and samgyapsal.  it was all sooooo much and so yummy~~

On the next day, we met up with some of Youngsu's friends again to go to the comic museum and to see the horse races at Seoul Grand Park.  Youngsu and I won a few bets and came out even.  (We didn't bet much of course but it was fun~~)

 We watched a very short 4D movie~ haha

It was a great day~~