G20 concert and random firework pictures!

 It was lots of fun and hopefully we can do something like this again soon!!!!  ^^


Last week, our school took the kids to dig for sweet potatoes!  In the fall, it seems that this is the thing to do, as there were other schools that previously did this activity as well.  Also, there was another school present when we arrived.  First, we searched for chestnuts with the kids then off we went to find some yummy sweet potatoes.  We got in on the fun and dug around with them.  lol!  The kids had so much fun and we were all exhausted afterward!

Yesterday was Saturday, and Kelsey and I went off to the G20 concert.  Kelsey found out about it through EatYourKimchi.com so we just had to go!  It was lots of fun and pictures are coming right up next of a few of the artists.  I didn't get many great pictures because my camera died right before I could take any!  so sad but that's alright!  I'll steal Kelsey's and upload them as soon as possible!
Well this week is Halloween week and we're putting on a fun day for the kids on Friday so expect some pictures really soon!
^^-Gabi  (plus Uyu below!  hehe!!)

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