Last week I had a random day off on Wednesday, 10/19, so I met up with my friend 효진 (Hyojin) and we went to the Gwanghwamun/ Jonggak area to hang out and eat Mexican food~~  Later that night, Youngsu and I went out with her and her husband to eat more food and watch them play billiards~

It was a great day off and I got a new korean book that I hope to put into good use~~  ^^

Comic museum and Seoul Grand Park~

A few weekends ago on Saturday, October 8th, we met up with Youngsu's friends to eat and hang out.  I really like this tradition that they've set up and really loving getting to be a part of it.  This particular weekend, we met up to eat shrimp, duck, and samgyapsal.  it was all sooooo much and so yummy~~

On the next day, we met up with some of Youngsu's friends again to go to the comic museum and to see the horse races at Seoul Grand Park.  Youngsu and I won a few bets and came out even.  (We didn't bet much of course but it was fun~~)

 We watched a very short 4D movie~ haha

It was a great day~~

Flying Kites~

On October 3rd, I had a day off and got to enjoy it relaxing at Yeouinaru Park (여의나루 공원) with Youngsu.  Our hope was to find duck boats and sail off into the sunset... haha but we couldn't find any and therefore decided to fly kites.  It was such nice weather and we had lots of fun.  We had a little child come up and try to take our kite cause his parents were too slow to put his together.  hahaha!

Check out our pics~

Uijeongbu Cafe

Sorry~~  I've been a little behind and haven't had much time to update!

A few weekends ago on a late Sunday night (Oct 2nd to be exact), Youngsu took me to a late night cafe in Uijeongbu~ It was a really cute place with a fire to curl around and have some dinner and cocoa~

We took our little dog, Toto, along for the ride and she was definitely cozy in the blanket Youngsu brought me.  check out our pictures!!