Cherry Blossom Festival

It's been almost 2 weeks since the last time I posted.  I'll blame it on the internet cause I haven't gotten it hooked up yet!  In 2 weeks, I've started my new job (which I love!), visited the doctor and been scared of being put back in the hospital, finding out that i'm okay, and going to the cherry blossom festival.  I went to the doctor the 17th and because of a wound on my foot from the accident, they thought I had a worse infection, so I was asked to return the following Tuesday to see my main doctor.  After seeing him, he believes that it's healing much better and I should return again this next Saturday just to see if it's completely healed.  I also went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Yeouido with Kelsey and had so much fun!  It was definitely really nice and warm out!  We met up with our friend Rena in Yeouido and new Friend Hosu in Hyehwa afterward.  The Cherry Blossoms were really nice and felt great to be outside!  (especially being cooped up for the last month or so!)... I really have been enjoying the nice weather!  I haven't had much opportunity to explore my area but I will SOON!!  I'm going to post some pics up of the festival and hope to update again soon!!

Some Pics for now!

here are some pics that I could find for now!  the internet is horrid and it took forever just to get these!  lol!  I'm in the Gwangnaru/ Gangbyeon area so it's pretty nice... at least to me it is!  ^^  Enjoy!

Random Konglish... hehe

My New Home!

So, although, I should be sleeping... I'm waiting for my laundry to finish...

I got moved in Sunday afternoon and spent most of the day unpacking.  Everything is coming together pretty nicely... It's definitely smaller here, however... it's very cozy!  ^^ 

The cold is not my friend because I'm getting sick... please make up your mind!!

Soon I'll try to get pictures up... right now I haven't really taken any but I want to put some up of my area and my apartment.  Plus... my internet is horrid so I'm doing everything cautiously just in case I lose my work on blogger.  I'll probably start using my desk at school to do more blogging.

As far as school goes... today was my 2nd day and so far so good!  My class is small and very smart.  All the students are learning to follow my rules and getting used to having me around.  Actually, one of my co-teachers was really sweet and said that she could tell that the students listen to me and really like me.  ^^  I look forward to actually being at work.  It's definitely a blessing to work here, because so far, I enjoy working with my co-workers and the students.  Of course, there are the frustrating students, however, I'm learning to take it in stride and just work with them to show I care and am not there to work against them.  lol!

My elementary are also pretty good.  They're super impressed with my korean skills and actually think I'm fluent... hehe I'll let them keep thinking that too.... I know enough to understand maybe half of what they say to me and enough to scold them and tell them to get out of my class... which I hope I don't have to do cause I think I'm pretty scary... hehehe!  I even think sometimes I sound like a Korean teacher... ^^

Overall, it's been a great experience and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings...

My foot is doing pretty good, too.  The outside wounds have healed up pretty nicely and my foot only has 1 would to heal on the outside.  It's becoming pretty again!  woohoo!  and then my ankle is the only thing swollen cause I think it's not used to me walking so darn much.  I sorta walk with a limp too so I'm working on trying to walk normal without over doing it.  This weekend, I go back to meet my doctor for hopefully a last check up... I can't really afford anything else at the moment!

well... i better go... sounds like my laundry may actually be done!


P.S. bear with me... pics will come A.S.A.P!!


It's shaping up to be a good week!  I, of course, haven't had much time or energy to pack up but I'll end up doing it tomorrow night sometime... hahaha!!

Today, I went to work in Gangbyeon... was a little late cause I didn't have cash and couldn't get my bank card to work with the ATM so I had to use my international card ㅠ.ㅠ!  And then I had a ton of walking to do in the Nowon subway... my foot is not happy... I finally got on the subway and made the trek.

Once at work, I observed several Kindy classes and met some of the classes I'll be teaching.  They're so cute!  ^^.  My class has 5 students and the others have up to 8 students.  They're all on the same floor and in my home room class, I have my own desk where I can keep stuff and do work... however without a computer so I'll probably just use my private classroom with the computer.  I had kindy from 9:30-3:20pm (no real break except lunch... but that's okay cause of what's next!).  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I teach 9:30 to 2:15ish... and then I start my Elementary classes at 3:20 and have 2 classes... 3:20 to 5:05... and then I'm done... allowed to prep for other classes and what-not!  On Tuesday and Thursdays, I have kindergarten from 9:30-3:20ish and then I am done... I don't have ANY Elementary classes and am allowed to prep or maybe even go home... ^^.  I, also, found out that I don't have really any korean co-teachers.  Hahaha!

Forget the crappy apartment... I have an awesome schedule, pay, and area!  WOOT!!


Visiting my New School!!

Today I got to visit my new school in Gangbyeon.  It's a really nice area and right next to the Han River!  WOOT!!!!  My school looks really nice and has 3 floors.  4th floor for Kindy and 2nd and 3rd for Elementary.  For the Kinder, I will have 1 main class of 5 with 7 year olds and their 3rd year at the school!  So excited!  ^^  and then i will also be teaching the other classes on the floor but not my main class.  And then when the kids leave, I will be teaching Elementary on the 3rd floor in my OWN classroom... So... that means the kiddos come to ME!  I didn't get to see the classroom but I saw the monitor of the rooms.  I believe it was kinda implied I had my own computer and maybe printer... hehe!  (update about that when I find out!)

After looking around the school, my manager took me to Mokdong to the immigration office... it took an hour by car... SOOOOO LONG!!!!  we left disappointed unfortunately... some behind the scene things are definitely going down... details when allowed...

After returning to the area, I asked to see my apartment in hopes that it would brighten my day... and the walk to the school might take more than 10 minutes, however there are trees and a nice path to and from my apartment to make up for that.  I pass a school and it just seems really nice.  It's not really far from the Han River either.  The apartment was so-so... Kinda small... my fridge is smaller than the other 1 I had... which was already dorm size... but the bathroom is bigger and everything is a bit seperated... I'm on the 3rd floor, so elevator but that's okay (except for when I move in...haha!)...

OVERALL, I believe that even though it's not a great apartment for Uyu and I... I believe the school, the pay, the hours, and the area will make up for it.  (... at least I hope so...)

I'm feeling much better and am walking a whole lot... for the next 2 days I'll be at my school observing classes.  I'll be commuting from Nowon to Gangbyeon (which takes about 37 minutes and 4 taxis to and from the subways...cause i can't walk TOO much... and i don't know either of these for the next 2 days and then Saturday, I'll be moving in... so that also means that between 9:30-5:30 for the next 2 days,  I'll be working and then after work I'll be packing up...


Just a few pics...

Here are some pics from the hospital... I didnt really take any... ha.  i didn't want to be seen as the weirdo foreigner taking pics of my bed and the curtains and the size of the room... hahaha!  So i just took pics of my first meal (cause a bit drowsy for the other meals... hahaha) and some pics of the view from my last day at the hospital.  My friend Joy took pics of the outside of the hospital if you want to check it out here ---> Foreign/er Joy

The week ahead!

Monday (hehe)... come home (done!)
Go outside and walk around with Kelsey!

Tuesday... PACK!  Go to Hyehwa

Wednesday... Visit my new school in Gangbyeon

Thursday... PACK!

Friday...  PACK!  Go to Uijeonbu

Saturday... Move to Gangbyeon!  Then!  Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Yeouido!

Sunday... Rest... (well sorta!)  Unpack and get ready for my first day on Monday!

Hospital Experience... as a patient...

So I admitted myself into the hospital on Tuesday morning around 9:30am...   I didn't really want to because I was under stress of moving and job-hunting but after much badgering with encouragement from my parents and friends, I decided to admit myself when I finished moving.  I didn't get to ride the cool ambulance cause they were all busy... lol but it's okay... it might have felt really weird!  haha!

Tuesday:  I got in and settled... and changed into my prison clothes... I mean Hospital clothes... hehe... and did what I was supposed to do... lay down... with my foot propped... they came in a few hours later after lunch and after dinner (which btw I was missing some good korean food and I did get it in the hospital! lol)  well towards the end of the night they came in and said I would get an IV... eek!!  I hate NEEDLES!  but it went smoothly... sorta... ha.  they gave me anti-biotics.  The doctor visited me and checked out my foot.  He said I would take some tests and what-not.  The beds were hard as a rock so I couldn't really sleep the first night.

Wednesday morning I woke up around 4am... and then as i was drifting back to sleep and in my REM cycle... the nurse came in (around 5 the first time) and said she had to take some blood samples and i had to do another sample (around 6... when i fell back to sleep)... i dont remember.  haha.  then the cycle again except I went and took a chest X-ray... a sonogram of my foot to see if there was infection... and then a EMR (i think that's right).  When the tests were done I went back to my room to wait out the results.

So... What was wrong?:  Well... the doctors believed that I had a fracture under my 4th toe and so the swelling was not going down and so that's why they suggested I stay in the hospital.  Well after talking to one of the doctors they found that I didnt have a fracture but I had hematoma (which is where blood clots together?) and an infection underneath so they would have me on bed rest with my leg elevated and antibiotics... the antibiotics had horrid side effects for me.  It was not fun.  At one point I even had the IV taken out and I thought I was done but the next morning they put in a new one... argh!

On Saturday, Joy and Dele visited me in the hospital!  So sweet!  Joy brought me yummy snacks which I ate!  and actually it helped with the antibiotics.  After that day I didnt have any more side effects!  The nurses were a bit confused as to why I had major side effects but afterwards they were even more confused when I didnt have them anymore... hahaha!  I spent some time with them and it definitely brightened up my day!  It was also the day the doctors told me I could walk around the hospital longer distances!  So we went to a little dining area and chatted.  After they left, I went back to my routine of laying around and playing Monopoly on my Ipod... haha.

Sunday, Kelsey came by and brought me some clothes cause even though I'd brought some I didnt bring any to cover my leg stint when I left!  LOL!  we hung out and walked around a bit and talked too.  I was so excited on Sunday night that I couldn't sleep right.  Tossing and turning (not good when you're leg is supposed to be elevated still... lol).  But now I've made it home and I'll definitely still not be too relaxed until I get to my new place and started on my new job.  Hopefully this walking stint won't hinder me too much.  I can't walk fast but I can walk and that's all the matters to me.


Out of The Hospital!

YAY!  I'm home... well I'm in Kelsey's home... but it's not the hospital that's for sure!  I seriously was ready to get back that it upset me that I couldn't get back when things went down with my insurance and payments... It's a bit frustrating but I'm okay now...

Many people have asked me if I've reported my accident and the answer is no.  I didn't get the taxi drivers insurance info and i was in shock so I wasn't even sure that I got hurt until he'd left.  There's no real way to track him down and it's been a month now... I doubt I would remember what he looked like.  My hospital thought that maybe there was a small chance that we could report it now and it'd help with my bills... but I'm so busy now.  I'm out of the hospital and I have to start packing up what i took out then I have to visit my new school this week (SO EXCITED!!) and then I'll be moving on Saturday and going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Yeouido after that (WOOT!!)... I will be a while away... I'm moving to Gangbyeon.  It's already a bit strained for me to walk so to attempt to contact the police, show them where I got hit, and have to travel back and forth is a little too much for me.  PLUS I'm starting a new job so I can't take time off to do this during the week.  It seems like a lost cause to me.

Other News THOUGH!  I am out and ready to start my contract.  LOL okay maybe that's not really other news but this job seems really cool and great.  It's also a pretty big franchise and it's located in Gangbyeon... which is RIGHT next to the Han River!  woohoo!  AND a 2 stops from Konkuk University and a few stops from Gangnam.  I have some friends in Cheongdam which is right across the river so it's exciting!  I'll be farther away from my love, Hyehwa... and my friends in this area but I'll just have to travel more... which will make up for my lack of while on bed-rest.  I am still required to rest and take care of myself, however, I am allowed to move and work!!

I'm very excited and  can't wait to write about it!  My recruiter has been great throughout this whole process and would highly recommend her company... WorkNPlay.  Very attentive, always called to check on me (even when in the hospital to see how I was doing), and is helping me tie up lose ends.  ^^

I will write next about the hospital experience... and hopefully with pictures!

in the hospital

so im hoping this currently in the hospital.  i checked in tuesday and having been doing great. my foot is getting lots better.  found out i didnt have a fracture but an infection under hematoma. i will be discharged monday and from yesterday been allowed to walk a bit. once out i will be packing up again to move to my new area cause i got a job that i will start the 12th. yay!! 

well i will write more when home. right now im using phone internet...haha good thing i got the free internet plan!!  ^^