My New Home!

So, although, I should be sleeping... I'm waiting for my laundry to finish...

I got moved in Sunday afternoon and spent most of the day unpacking.  Everything is coming together pretty nicely... It's definitely smaller here, however... it's very cozy!  ^^ 

The cold is not my friend because I'm getting sick... please make up your mind!!

Soon I'll try to get pictures up... right now I haven't really taken any but I want to put some up of my area and my apartment.  Plus... my internet is horrid so I'm doing everything cautiously just in case I lose my work on blogger.  I'll probably start using my desk at school to do more blogging.

As far as school goes... today was my 2nd day and so far so good!  My class is small and very smart.  All the students are learning to follow my rules and getting used to having me around.  Actually, one of my co-teachers was really sweet and said that she could tell that the students listen to me and really like me.  ^^  I look forward to actually being at work.  It's definitely a blessing to work here, because so far, I enjoy working with my co-workers and the students.  Of course, there are the frustrating students, however, I'm learning to take it in stride and just work with them to show I care and am not there to work against them.  lol!

My elementary are also pretty good.  They're super impressed with my korean skills and actually think I'm fluent... hehe I'll let them keep thinking that too.... I know enough to understand maybe half of what they say to me and enough to scold them and tell them to get out of my class... which I hope I don't have to do cause I think I'm pretty scary... hehehe!  I even think sometimes I sound like a Korean teacher... ^^

Overall, it's been a great experience and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings...

My foot is doing pretty good, too.  The outside wounds have healed up pretty nicely and my foot only has 1 would to heal on the outside.  It's becoming pretty again!  woohoo!  and then my ankle is the only thing swollen cause I think it's not used to me walking so darn much.  I sorta walk with a limp too so I'm working on trying to walk normal without over doing it.  This weekend, I go back to meet my doctor for hopefully a last check up... I can't really afford anything else at the moment!

well... i better go... sounds like my laundry may actually be done!


P.S. bear with me... pics will come A.S.A.P!!