Out of The Hospital!

YAY!  I'm home... well I'm in Kelsey's home... but it's not the hospital that's for sure!  I seriously was ready to get back that it upset me that I couldn't get back when things went down with my insurance and payments... It's a bit frustrating but I'm okay now...

Many people have asked me if I've reported my accident and the answer is no.  I didn't get the taxi drivers insurance info and i was in shock so I wasn't even sure that I got hurt until he'd left.  There's no real way to track him down and it's been a month now... I doubt I would remember what he looked like.  My hospital thought that maybe there was a small chance that we could report it now and it'd help with my bills... but I'm so busy now.  I'm out of the hospital and I have to start packing up what i took out then I have to visit my new school this week (SO EXCITED!!) and then I'll be moving on Saturday and going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Yeouido after that (WOOT!!)... I will be a while away... I'm moving to Gangbyeon.  It's already a bit strained for me to walk so to attempt to contact the police, show them where I got hit, and have to travel back and forth is a little too much for me.  PLUS I'm starting a new job so I can't take time off to do this during the week.  It seems like a lost cause to me.

Other News THOUGH!  I am out and ready to start my contract.  LOL okay maybe that's not really other news but this job seems really cool and great.  It's also a pretty big franchise and it's located in Gangbyeon... which is RIGHT next to the Han River!  woohoo!  AND a 2 stops from Konkuk University and a few stops from Gangnam.  I have some friends in Cheongdam which is right across the river so it's exciting!  I'll be farther away from my love, Hyehwa... and my friends in this area but I'll just have to travel more... which will make up for my lack of while on bed-rest.  I am still required to rest and take care of myself, however, I am allowed to move and work!!

I'm very excited and  can't wait to write about it!  My recruiter has been great throughout this whole process and would highly recommend her company... WorkNPlay.  Very attentive, always called to check on me (even when in the hospital to see how I was doing), and is helping me tie up lose ends.  ^^

I will write next about the hospital experience... and hopefully with pictures!