Cherry Blossom Festival

It's been almost 2 weeks since the last time I posted.  I'll blame it on the internet cause I haven't gotten it hooked up yet!  In 2 weeks, I've started my new job (which I love!), visited the doctor and been scared of being put back in the hospital, finding out that i'm okay, and going to the cherry blossom festival.  I went to the doctor the 17th and because of a wound on my foot from the accident, they thought I had a worse infection, so I was asked to return the following Tuesday to see my main doctor.  After seeing him, he believes that it's healing much better and I should return again this next Saturday just to see if it's completely healed.  I also went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Yeouido with Kelsey and had so much fun!  It was definitely really nice and warm out!  We met up with our friend Rena in Yeouido and new Friend Hosu in Hyehwa afterward.  The Cherry Blossoms were really nice and felt great to be outside!  (especially being cooped up for the last month or so!)... I really have been enjoying the nice weather!  I haven't had much opportunity to explore my area but I will SOON!!  I'm going to post some pics up of the festival and hope to update again soon!!