Hospital Experience... as a patient...

So I admitted myself into the hospital on Tuesday morning around 9:30am...   I didn't really want to because I was under stress of moving and job-hunting but after much badgering with encouragement from my parents and friends, I decided to admit myself when I finished moving.  I didn't get to ride the cool ambulance cause they were all busy... lol but it's okay... it might have felt really weird!  haha!

Tuesday:  I got in and settled... and changed into my prison clothes... I mean Hospital clothes... hehe... and did what I was supposed to do... lay down... with my foot propped... they came in a few hours later after lunch and after dinner (which btw I was missing some good korean food and I did get it in the hospital! lol)  well towards the end of the night they came in and said I would get an IV... eek!!  I hate NEEDLES!  but it went smoothly... sorta... ha.  they gave me anti-biotics.  The doctor visited me and checked out my foot.  He said I would take some tests and what-not.  The beds were hard as a rock so I couldn't really sleep the first night.

Wednesday morning I woke up around 4am... and then as i was drifting back to sleep and in my REM cycle... the nurse came in (around 5 the first time) and said she had to take some blood samples and i had to do another sample (around 6... when i fell back to sleep)... i dont remember.  haha.  then the cycle again except I went and took a chest X-ray... a sonogram of my foot to see if there was infection... and then a EMR (i think that's right).  When the tests were done I went back to my room to wait out the results.

So... What was wrong?:  Well... the doctors believed that I had a fracture under my 4th toe and so the swelling was not going down and so that's why they suggested I stay in the hospital.  Well after talking to one of the doctors they found that I didnt have a fracture but I had hematoma (which is where blood clots together?) and an infection underneath so they would have me on bed rest with my leg elevated and antibiotics... the antibiotics had horrid side effects for me.  It was not fun.  At one point I even had the IV taken out and I thought I was done but the next morning they put in a new one... argh!

On Saturday, Joy and Dele visited me in the hospital!  So sweet!  Joy brought me yummy snacks which I ate!  and actually it helped with the antibiotics.  After that day I didnt have any more side effects!  The nurses were a bit confused as to why I had major side effects but afterwards they were even more confused when I didnt have them anymore... hahaha!  I spent some time with them and it definitely brightened up my day!  It was also the day the doctors told me I could walk around the hospital longer distances!  So we went to a little dining area and chatted.  After they left, I went back to my routine of laying around and playing Monopoly on my Ipod... haha.

Sunday, Kelsey came by and brought me some clothes cause even though I'd brought some I didnt bring any to cover my leg stint when I left!  LOL!  we hung out and walked around a bit and talked too.  I was so excited on Sunday night that I couldn't sleep right.  Tossing and turning (not good when you're leg is supposed to be elevated still... lol).  But now I've made it home and I'll definitely still not be too relaxed until I get to my new place and started on my new job.  Hopefully this walking stint won't hinder me too much.  I can't walk fast but I can walk and that's all the matters to me.



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