On the Road to Recovery (I hope...)

(Check these guys out... they're amazing...!!!!)

Alright, so I was supposed to head out to the hospital today but unfortunately they wanted me to come later in the day and I thought that I didn't want to pay for a day in a hospital if it was just going to be the later part of the day so I asked them if I could just come in the morning.  So they suggested I come in at 9 or 10 and they even offered to send an ambulance to pick me up here in my new area.  It's about 20 minutes away without traffic (i think)... anyway... so yeah tomorrow I'll be heading out and hopefully I'll have some internet or I might go crazy.

I'll be in a private room until they can find a semi-private room for me... so I'll try to take pics... hehehe... The last time I was in an ambulance was like in middle school... about 8 years ago... wow...

should be... interesting... the most interesting thing that's probably happened to me in almost a month and a half... lol besides getting run over by a taxi...

uyu and sunny...

So moving into this apartment... uyu has had an interesting time adjusting... he's been all over the place and so curious.  Kelsey, also, has a cat that she fostered named Sunny.  He's big and loveable... and Uyu just wants to be in his face getting to know him... but Sunny is just not having it just yet... lol!  Uyu and Sunny, I think, have come to some sort of agreement because they're now quiet and just chilling around ON THE SAME floor... before Sunny would go up and Uyu would go after him and then Sunny would come down and there you go... the pattern continues... lol!

Stare down of the century... lol... Sunny would win of course because he has SO MUCH concentration...

Uyu began climbing on Kelsey's bars that contain her loft area... he's got 1 eye remember so it was pretty scary and funny!  LOL!  Check it out (these are in order too... he later tried again):

Round 2...

Well... now I'm just waiting for a call back from the hospital cause I believe my foot is really swollen from the move... I'll try to blog about it while I'm there but we'll see... haha ^^

In and Out...

I left some of my posters... my 꽃보다남자 (Boys Before Flowers) poster and 미남이시네요 (You're Beautiful) posters because I couldn't get them down... and although I probably wouldve... I think it'll be a good welcome for the new teacher... lol!
Today, I moved out of my apartment and in with my friend in Nowon.  It was interesting from the beginning... at first I almost couldn't get a Van taxi cause they were out of them when i needed them... when i almost gave up and wanted to get 2 taxis... the translation company called back and said they found 1 for later time... we were running late anyway so decided to go for it.  My friend, Danny, from Danny's Seoul came over and helped me move things downstairs... while I was meeting Kelsey, from Kelsey in Korea to come by and help tell the taxi where to go.  Kelsey is letting me stay with her until I can get better and find a job.  Danny got everything moved down from my apartment and Kelsey got everything moved up to my apartment.  I've been putting everything away for  a bit now... and most of it is put away... although I bet there are some things that I shouldve taken out but I'll figure out how to get those later if i figure out what i need.  Now I'm resting my leg in hopes that tomorrow i dont have to register into the hospital.

I'll update about the hospital sometime tomorrow if I go.


Taxi Van Help

So this Sunday I'll be moving out of my apartment.  So I wonder... does anyone know the number to get a Taxi Van to meet me at my apartment to help move?  It seems the cheapest... especially if I don't really have much... maybe 2 large suitcases... 1 small suitcase... and a few extra bags.  oh and a cat... lol.  and maybe a wheelchair...

thanx in advance!


So today I had a doctor's appointment that I felt pretty good about.  but that was short-lived as I got my X-Rays done and went to see the orthopedic surgeon who has decided to let me know that I should be signed into a hospital because I am too active to let the swelling go down... I got really upset of course cause I haven't been working and I cant afford to not work for much longer.  I got a new stint and went back to the International Clinic where I was going to get set-up to stay in the hospital.  Well.. when they realized that I dont have a job anymore and that I was upset, they decided we could try home-care and a nurse would come change my stint and what-not at least once a week... well... I'll be moving out of my apartment from this weekend to tuesday so... if they expect me to not be active then they're hoping high... i told them this too...

I came home called my parents and cried.  It's frustrating to me cause I just want to be better but everything keeps piling up.  I can't work cause I lost my job cause of my foot and now i have to move out of my apartment but i can't do that because my foot's not good and i shouldnt be moving it so much.  i'm sorry i know people don't want to read someone feeling sorry for herself but i can't help it.  like i told my mom... I JUST WANT TO BE BETTER... so my parents suggested that maybe it's better for me to stay in the hospital where there will be no activity whatsoever while on watch.  Now getting my apartment cleaned and moving will maybe have to wait.  So my parents and I agreed... I'll stay in the hospital Thursday and Friday and move out this weekend and if I need to stay in the hospital for longer than those 2 days then I'll go back next week.  So now... I'm home and tomorrow I'll get the call from the nurse taking care of the hospital stuff with info on if and when i'll come back to the hospital to stay till I guess Saturday afternoon?

I appreciate everyone sticking with me and giving me encouragement on my facebook and here.  I'm trying to stay strong but it's getting a bit harder with each disappointing news i get at the hospital.

2 walls down...

I have 2 walls of posters and things down which leaves 1 wall left and the rest of my things to pack.  I've packed 1 suitcase full of clothes and things and while pulling things down off the walls, the things i'll keep, have been going in 1 of my cupboards for another time.  I'm back to resting in hopes that I won't hurt myself more and I can get back to a new job soon!  Thing is, I don't feel anything... no pain and I can't tell if my foot gets swollen when it's not elevated so it's hard for me to tell myself to rest when I feel I have nothing to rest for... hahaha not sure that made sense but whatever.  Anyway.  I've talked to 2 recruiters on the phones and they both seem really enthusiastic and wanting to help me out.  I talked to 1 this morning and she sent me some schools... unfortunately the start dates are April 1st and I'm not sure what my doctors are thinking... I go back Wednesday and am going to BEG them to let me work some.  I can't afford to NOT work anymore.  I'll be staying with my friend for the time being after I get things moved out this weekend and hate to burden her with me and Uyu... he's hopefully going to be well-behaved.  haha.

Later on, I expect to get the rest of my posters down... and another small suitcase filled with the random stuff and clothes I don't plan to wear this week.  My friend, Jei, went and got me food to last me the week!  YAY!  I'm not going to order any more Papa Johns OR McDonalds... lol!  This apartment is really starting to look empty... so strange... I sometimes still can't believe this is happening... but everything happens for a reason and 1 day I'll figure that reason out... for now I'm just working to fix myself and get back on track...

Quick question for the expats out there... do you have any idea how hard it is to get an apartment here in Korea?  There's a good after-school program, I was looking into that need a teacher but don't provide housing... if you could email me I would love that!


11 Spaghetti Jars...

So I'm taking a rest from resting and starting to clean out my apartment... I've so far found 11 Spaghetti Jars... lol... i have become SO tired of spaghetti because that's what I've had to eat for the last 3 weeks... no more for me please... I've also found about 6 coke bottles... 1 filled with coke and 1 with water.  I know I've had a lot more coke bottles around here... haha... I have 12 days to pack up 8 months from my apartment... so there will be a lot going in the trash...

I have 46 pictures and things to remove from my walls... and a lot of these are up high so I'll be waiting till I can ask someone to take them down for me... LOL.  I think I also have more than 10 trash bags for my area that I'll need to get rid of since I can't use them anywhere else... haha

I have 1/2 a bag of rice to get through... or take to my friend's house... hahaha... wonder if she likes rice... lol!

Well... I'm going to finish up with a bit of this cleaning out and then get ready for a last outing before being trapped again...

swelling= no work.

So today was my doctor's appointment.  The doctor's appointment I was hoping was going to save me and my job.  Unfortunately, because I've been on bed rest for the last week and 2 weeks ago, I haven't been able to work.  I was hoping today would let me get a cast and I would be able to be back on my feet.  That's most definitely not the case this week.  I went to the doctor with my supervisor and assistant in hopes I could get my cast and get back to work.  The doctor checked out my foot and although I had no pain, I had some tingly numb feelings in my toes and my foot was a bit tight (at least to me...).  He told me I couldn't get a cast and would be in a splint AGAIN.  So, we moved to the room to get my splint but unfortunately it was very crowded.  so we moved back.  within these less than 5 minutes of moving my foot got really swollen.  The doctor believes I swell easily and that although I can work, I can only work if I keep my leg elevated and then there is the case of the swelling when moving.  Unfortunately, because my job requires a lot of movement, this means that I'll be out of work another week.  This also puts my work in a sticky situation.  I was told earlier this week that I would possibly be have to let go because of this horrible situation.  It's not my job's fault that they have to think about their business.  It's upsetting, of course (I've cried many tears and still cry), but there is nothing I can really do about it.  Today, it was confirmed they would be replacing me.  So, soon (while on bed rest), I have to begin packing up my life in this little apartment and find out what to do.

I've begun looking at recruiters in hopes that when I'm better I can start my new job A.S.A.P.  My current employers have been kind enough to let me keep my Visa and give me a letter of release which will allow me another position here in Korea.  I can't really afford to go back home so I'll be staying here. 

Please keep me in prayers and thoughts because this is a hard time for me.  I don't blame Korea or my job or myself.  I'm trying to stay as positive as possible in this kind of situation so I hope that you will bear with me and leave positive notes to help keep me going.

Thank you all for following my blog and I hope that soon I'll be up and running (well... walking...)

Thanx again,

Stick With Me! *^^*

So last week I was back to work and I met my new kindergarten students who are absolutely precious!!  Seriously!  Love them already!  super smart and cute!  and this is only their first year in school... maybe it's because I know some Korean and can communicate pretty easily with them (sorta!).

Well that week was short-lived cause Friday I went back to the doctor and got some upsetting news.  I was told that my foot was not getting any better and therefore I would have to spend another week at home elevating my leg 24 hours a day until this Friday... I was supposed to get a cast last Friday but because my foot was still swollen and bad I couldn't.  This Friday (*fingers crossed*) I will be getting my cast and hopefully back to work on Monday.  I shouldn't have been working in the first place according to my doctors and so this makes me pretty upset because I hate missing 2 weeks of work... but I need to heal and now I'm trying to get better.

My foot is healing pretty okay I think.  It's definitely REALLY itchy but that just means it's healing right?!  LOL!  So yeah... this week I'm stuck at home resting and being bored!  Sorry nothing exciting has happened but hopefully by the beginning of April or mid-April... I will be back on my feet (with hopefully new shoes...hehe) and exploring Seoul!

Please stick with me!


Lollipop Pt2 by Big Bang

Back to work...

I woke up pretty early this morning to get to work because I knew that being gone a week was going to leave me with a lot of work to do.  I have all new classes and new kindergarten students.  I only have 3 classes that I'm familiar with so it definitely made me feel uneasy.  I woke up... took my meds... and got ready to go.  I left my apartment at 7:47 (in hopes of arriving at work at 8)... the walk to school is usually about 15 mins but will be taking cabs to work from now on... talk about expensive... anyway... i set out with my wheelchair, crutches, and purse.  I went through the elevator that tries to kill me by closing on me every time i get in the door... even when holding the open button... the walk from my door to the main road is probably about less than 5 mins to walk... well... i got there at 8:00... and then an ahjumma (so sweet...) helped me out to close the wheelchair and try to flag a wheelchair but she was working so i told her:  괜찮아요 (it's okay!) not many taxis were empty and 1 passed me by... anyway 1 finally stopped and another ahjumma (seriously so sweet!) was passing by and she stopped her work and helped put my wheelchair in the car while telling me to sit down.  The taxi driver also got out and put the wheelchair in and took me straight to school.  When i got to school... the road was a little hill...which definitely didn't help me any... I finally got to the ramp to my school and 2 workers were coming out of the building... 1 saw me and asked me if i was going to my school... i said yes and he helped me out to get to school.... (seriously Korea's doing great with all these awesome people coming out of nowhere!)... I got to my school and I was the first there at 8:15am.  YAY!  LOL makes me feel like a hard worker.  I got everything organized... turned in... and finished evaluations.

School was interesting... my kindergarten students seem really sweet (for now...lol)... it's their first year being at our school and so it should be interesting.  I figured out throughout the day how to go about everything with the chair and supplies and what-not.  The older kids were really helpful... until they were all in class and i dropped my papers into the elevator while I'm half-way out... Thank goodness the new office worker was there to help.  He was really nice and even wheeled me to my class. (^^)  I had a pretty good day overall but dreaded getting home.  As I finished up work and finally got caught up on everything possible... there was not denying that I had to get home to 우유 (uyu) and my bed... lol.

I got out of my school and had to push my chair UP the ramp and i got to the main road and kept trying to wave down an open taxi (there were MANY!) and they kept passing by... at one point since I had folded up my wheelchair... it had fallen over and someone came and picked it up for me and volunteered to help me get a taxi (really sweet!)... but in the end i told her no worries... I finally got a taxi driver to pick me up and get my wheelchair for me... he took me sorta to my area... actually across the street where I needed cause he didnt turn at the right place... and so as i'm waiting to cross the street someone asks me if I need help getting across... I declined but hadn't realized that the road was a bit of a hill... so... as I tried to get up the little hill she started pushing me from behind (wow!)... and pushed me to my little store that I was going to pick up some groceries... well at that store there's this huge step... i couldnt make it... too scared to try...and so the saleslady was kind enough to see if she could just get the things for me at the door (really sweet!  i've loved her since before today!)  and then after i finished... another man was leaving so he offered to drive me (ha) to my apartment building cause he was walking that way anyway (really where are they coming from!  lol) i convinced him i had a friend coming down to help me out... not that i didnt trust him... but even if he helped me, i still didn't want to "invite" him on in.  LOL!

well now i'm home... eating and probably sleeping early cause... WELL... i have to go through all this for the next 3 weeks... and my carpal tunnel is not going to be happy or helped with all this wheeling around.

(i'm sorry so much about my boring day wheeling around...)

Adventures on Wheels...

Yesterday I spent the day just laying around... I mean there isn't much else I can really do... my meds can only help for so long... lol!  Well later last night, my friend Jei came by and we planned to go eat something and possibly go grocery shopping... since Uyu and I are on the verge of starving... more Uyu than me... poor thing!  Anyway... well we went out with my wheelchair... it helped me figure out how I was getting to work on Monday... lol but anyway.  We had several laughs and squeals trying to move the wheelchair around and get around on some bumpy streets... we finally decided we would tackle Hyehwa cause there are lots of places to eat there and since it's Friday maybe they'd be open and on level ground... we were wrong!  LOL how?!  but we found 1 Omurice place that seemed to be open but when we got in and settled (after tackling two steps...) they told us they were closed... wow?!

Then we headed back out and continued the search for food.  It was really nice to get out.  Being stuck indoors for the last week is not fun... talk about cabin fever... 

we went around to find a bank cause I needed cash... we had to get around a car who decided to park in front of the curb where i needed to go over... no worries i used the car to balance myself as we put the wheelchair on the curb... :-P after getting cash we went again on the hunt for food.

we finally found a chicken place where the lady was really sweet and they had a ramp but we decided to take it home.  They were really sweet and gave us free drinks as service and I think they felt bad for me!  hahaha!

we later tried to catch a cab and this couple helped us out to get a cab and to put the wheelchair in the trunk.  At first they almost stole it but I think they realized we didn't want to cross the street that we tried to get a taxi but the crowd was covering us... lol!

we got home and ate chicken and just chilled out.  It was really nice to get out!

Now I'm just chilling here getting ready for work on Monday.  I downloaded a super old version of internet explorer for mac and am trying to do evaluations that needed to get done this last week that i was out of work... hopefully that'll help me have less work on Monday to go back to.

I'm nervous cause I'm getting all new kindergarten students and pretty much all new classes and because I wasnt there last week the disciplining might be a bit hard... maybe even more since I only have 1 leg and I hope they feel bad for me and don't want to act wild and crazy!  LOL... all my classes are on the 3rd floor but we have an elevator in our school so YAY!!

Anyway I better get back to work but I thought I'd update now while I had a chance!


Cat Naps


우유 (Uyu) and I taking a nap... he's been really good throughout this whole thing!  He is sleeping through the night too so no more meowing unless he wants attention then I just tell him to hop into the bed and he goes right to sleep!  LOL!  He jumps over my foot as opposed to ON it... LOL and he's very patient with me when it comes to getting him food or water.  Definitely a great companion to have around during this time!  I think I'd go crazy if I was officially alone!

Day 2.....

I think I will surely not make it for the next week.  I went to the doctor this morning with Kelsey.  Thank goodness she was around or I would have never made it.  The second I stepped out of my apartment should have told me I wasn't going to have a good day... The ahjumma that I NEVER EVER see cleaning had mopped right outside my apartment and down the first floor... which meant the plastic stoppers on my crutches were officially no help to me... I was slipping and unable to really walk without having a heart-attack.  We finally made it in the elevator and outside to go down my alleyway to the main street to catch a taxi... seemed like that took forever!  Finally we made it to the hospital in Hyehwa where my appointment was.  We pulled up to the curve and I got a wheelchair immediately with the help of Kelsey and the wheelchair man.  LOL and then another person was assigned to take me to where we needed to be.  I needed to get some Xrays done... so first I paid about 10,000 won for those (less than $10...wow!) and then waited to see the doctor.

The Doctor told me I had to keep my leg elevated for the next week or so.  Which means I can't work.  I really (SERIOUSLY) don't like this idea but I have to do what he says... After seeing him, I was taken to another room where they removed my cast from Sunday and that person put Iodine on my foot and then apparently put a needle in my foot to remove some of the inflammation... yeah that was painful... more Iodine was put on and then he proceeded to re-wrap my foot.  The translator in the room said the doctor told me to come back next friday for another cast and to keep it constantly elevated.  I can apparently use my heal to walk next week but who knows.

I have been laying in my bed for the last several hours and will probably get bed sores cause i'm starting to hurt!  I hate this.  I've been sleeping and just laying here with my cat for most of the day.  I dont think I'll make it for the next 3 1/2 weeks...

And Just a bit ago I received a wheelchair the school borrowed from someone so this should help me move around a bit... I seriously can't use these crutches for long walks...

I wish I could just walk... BLAH!  The new students and semester start tomorrow at school and I really wish I could be there to take on my classes head on but I guess we'll see how things go.

I'm going to attempt to stay positive... Like Jei said... I can work on a lot of things while I'm away... Korean, reading, and a few others.


Day 1......

It's been an interesting day.  I guess I can count this as Day 1 of foot recovery.  Jei left early this morning after making sure I was okay.  And I slept a bit more after she left.  Once I woke up, I tried to skype my parents to tell them I was okay but couldn't get a hold of them... they were at the movies as I found out later.  So I called my grandma and aunt to talk to them a bit because I knew they were worried about my accident.  Afterward I just ate some crackers and chips and took my first set of pain medicines.  The side effects weren't too severe today which makes me think that I will make it through school the rest of the week.

I then proceeded to watch a movie as I elevated my leg.  But not before starting a load of laundry.  It's a leap to get in my bathroom (literally)... each time I get nervous I won't make it and end up face planting into my toilet... so I try to minimize the amount of times to go into the bathroom.  After starting laundry... I called my friend, Stephanie, in the states to chat and it was great.  It has made me feel a bit better being able to talk to people at home cause it makes me feel that I'm not so far away.  After talking with her I started up a movie after talking with some friends here about how I'm doing.  I really enjoy all my friends checking up on me.  I can really tell they care and it makes me feel so much better.  Before watching some movies, I did a few chores just cleaning up the trash on my table and cleaning out the litter box.  After watching a movie I set up the laundry around my house... was an interesting feat but I did it.  I also even attempted a shower.  YAY!

I think it's been a successful day and I'm about ready to eat dinner and take round 2 of my meds before heading to bed.  Tomorrow I'm heading to the doctor with my friend Kelsey and hope that it doesn't last long.

The next 4 weeks this blog will probably be a bit boring but I'll try to keep it interesting.  As I work on my Korean I'll try to also add some key phrases in here!

Well I better eat and get Uyu entertained or it will be another night of meowing and disturbed sleep!

... my first major injury experience...

So I've been in Korea 7 months without ever visiting a hospital or doctor (besides health check ups...) and this afternoon I guess I decided it was time...

I was heading out to meet Kelsey in Korea in Hyehwa so I was in a hurry to meet her and catch my bus by my house... So I decided to cross the street a few feet from the crosswalk... and well... it was clear from what I saw but then a taxi turned the corner a bit fast and hit me... and ran over my foot.  There was a nice foreigner guy and his girlfriend that saw me and even though we didnt get taxi information they took me to the hospital in Hyehwa.  I got into the hospital and into a wheelchair cause my foot had swollen up pretty quick.  I called Kelsey and my friend Jei and they came out and sat with me.  They are really sweet and I'm thankful they were there.  The couple stayed a while too and the girlfriend helped translate.  She was really sweet.  I felt bad interrupting their plans but if they hadn't been there I think I would've been doomed (really.).  so we did some xrays... a ctscan and several SEVERAL hours later (no pain meds btw)... I was told we didnt need to do surgery but I would need a cast and need to get checked up every week by the hospital.  I was in the hospital from about 6:45 to about 11pm... it was definitely a pain... especially in my leg.

Right now my friend Jei is staying with me cause the side effects of the meds are not very nice as I experienced in the waiting room after they gave me the shot... AFTER they set my foot and put a cast on it... I'm still in pain but i'm okay now and glad to be home.  I'm thankful for Kelsey and Jei and my supervisor, Julie, and Jimmy for coming out and helping me.  I cried so much today just cause I dont deal well with pain and because I hate being a burden to people.  But I'm really thankful to them and very thankful tomorrow there is no school to have to worry about...

On Tuesday morning I have to return to the hospital so hopefully I can make it there... LOL.  I should be like this for the next 4 weeks... and I return to the hospital at least once a week for the next 4 weeks so they can keep an eye on my leg cause they said there might be chips in my leg.  So I guess all I can do is hope for the best...

Well that taught me never to try to run out in traffic again...