Back to work...

I woke up pretty early this morning to get to work because I knew that being gone a week was going to leave me with a lot of work to do.  I have all new classes and new kindergarten students.  I only have 3 classes that I'm familiar with so it definitely made me feel uneasy.  I woke up... took my meds... and got ready to go.  I left my apartment at 7:47 (in hopes of arriving at work at 8)... the walk to school is usually about 15 mins but will be taking cabs to work from now on... talk about expensive... anyway... i set out with my wheelchair, crutches, and purse.  I went through the elevator that tries to kill me by closing on me every time i get in the door... even when holding the open button... the walk from my door to the main road is probably about less than 5 mins to walk... well... i got there at 8:00... and then an ahjumma (so sweet...) helped me out to close the wheelchair and try to flag a wheelchair but she was working so i told her:  괜찮아요 (it's okay!) not many taxis were empty and 1 passed me by... anyway 1 finally stopped and another ahjumma (seriously so sweet!) was passing by and she stopped her work and helped put my wheelchair in the car while telling me to sit down.  The taxi driver also got out and put the wheelchair in and took me straight to school.  When i got to school... the road was a little hill...which definitely didn't help me any... I finally got to the ramp to my school and 2 workers were coming out of the building... 1 saw me and asked me if i was going to my school... i said yes and he helped me out to get to school.... (seriously Korea's doing great with all these awesome people coming out of nowhere!)... I got to my school and I was the first there at 8:15am.  YAY!  LOL makes me feel like a hard worker.  I got everything organized... turned in... and finished evaluations.

School was interesting... my kindergarten students seem really sweet (for it's their first year being at our school and so it should be interesting.  I figured out throughout the day how to go about everything with the chair and supplies and what-not.  The older kids were really helpful... until they were all in class and i dropped my papers into the elevator while I'm half-way out... Thank goodness the new office worker was there to help.  He was really nice and even wheeled me to my class. (^^)  I had a pretty good day overall but dreaded getting home.  As I finished up work and finally got caught up on everything possible... there was not denying that I had to get home to 우유 (uyu) and my bed... lol.

I got out of my school and had to push my chair UP the ramp and i got to the main road and kept trying to wave down an open taxi (there were MANY!) and they kept passing by... at one point since I had folded up my wheelchair... it had fallen over and someone came and picked it up for me and volunteered to help me get a taxi (really sweet!)... but in the end i told her no worries... I finally got a taxi driver to pick me up and get my wheelchair for me... he took me sorta to my area... actually across the street where I needed cause he didnt turn at the right place... and so as i'm waiting to cross the street someone asks me if I need help getting across... I declined but hadn't realized that the road was a bit of a hill... so... as I tried to get up the little hill she started pushing me from behind (wow!)... and pushed me to my little store that I was going to pick up some groceries... well at that store there's this huge step... i couldnt make it... too scared to try...and so the saleslady was kind enough to see if she could just get the things for me at the door (really sweet!  i've loved her since before today!)  and then after i finished... another man was leaving so he offered to drive me (ha) to my apartment building cause he was walking that way anyway (really where are they coming from!  lol) i convinced him i had a friend coming down to help me out... not that i didnt trust him... but even if he helped me, i still didn't want to "invite" him on in.  LOL!

well now i'm home... eating and probably sleeping early cause... WELL... i have to go through all this for the next 3 weeks... and my carpal tunnel is not going to be happy or helped with all this wheeling around.

(i'm sorry so much about my boring day wheeling around...)