So today I had a doctor's appointment that I felt pretty good about.  but that was short-lived as I got my X-Rays done and went to see the orthopedic surgeon who has decided to let me know that I should be signed into a hospital because I am too active to let the swelling go down... I got really upset of course cause I haven't been working and I cant afford to not work for much longer.  I got a new stint and went back to the International Clinic where I was going to get set-up to stay in the hospital.  Well.. when they realized that I dont have a job anymore and that I was upset, they decided we could try home-care and a nurse would come change my stint and what-not at least once a week... well... I'll be moving out of my apartment from this weekend to tuesday so... if they expect me to not be active then they're hoping high... i told them this too...

I came home called my parents and cried.  It's frustrating to me cause I just want to be better but everything keeps piling up.  I can't work cause I lost my job cause of my foot and now i have to move out of my apartment but i can't do that because my foot's not good and i shouldnt be moving it so much.  i'm sorry i know people don't want to read someone feeling sorry for herself but i can't help it.  like i told my mom... I JUST WANT TO BE BETTER... so my parents suggested that maybe it's better for me to stay in the hospital where there will be no activity whatsoever while on watch.  Now getting my apartment cleaned and moving will maybe have to wait.  So my parents and I agreed... I'll stay in the hospital Thursday and Friday and move out this weekend and if I need to stay in the hospital for longer than those 2 days then I'll go back next week.  So now... I'm home and tomorrow I'll get the call from the nurse taking care of the hospital stuff with info on if and when i'll come back to the hospital to stay till I guess Saturday afternoon?

I appreciate everyone sticking with me and giving me encouragement on my facebook and here.  I'm trying to stay strong but it's getting a bit harder with each disappointing news i get at the hospital.


Foreigner Joy said...

Yep best to let that foot heal! My idea would also to move into your friends place but let other people (your friends) pack and clean your place. I am available Saturday ;)

Anyways I was very sick once and couldn't even move out of my bed. I knew I needed to get to the hospital but didn't want to take an ambulance. I called a friend and she took me. The doctor said that was very stupid...and I told him I was poor and needed to save money. He said my life is more important than money.

In this case you are going to have to accept that getting a job and paying the bills is going to have to wait till your foot is better. It's unfair since it isn't your fault. I think though with a lot of rest and help from pals you could be returning to work in May. Give yourself a month or 3 weeks... of solid inactivity.

All right and if you need to borrow some cash my wallet is open~