Adventures on Wheels...

Yesterday I spent the day just laying around... I mean there isn't much else I can really do... my meds can only help for so long... lol!  Well later last night, my friend Jei came by and we planned to go eat something and possibly go grocery shopping... since Uyu and I are on the verge of starving... more Uyu than me... poor thing!  Anyway... well we went out with my wheelchair... it helped me figure out how I was getting to work on Monday... lol but anyway.  We had several laughs and squeals trying to move the wheelchair around and get around on some bumpy streets... we finally decided we would tackle Hyehwa cause there are lots of places to eat there and since it's Friday maybe they'd be open and on level ground... we were wrong!  LOL how?!  but we found 1 Omurice place that seemed to be open but when we got in and settled (after tackling two steps...) they told us they were closed... wow?!

Then we headed back out and continued the search for food.  It was really nice to get out.  Being stuck indoors for the last week is not fun... talk about cabin fever... 

we went around to find a bank cause I needed cash... we had to get around a car who decided to park in front of the curb where i needed to go over... no worries i used the car to balance myself as we put the wheelchair on the curb... :-P after getting cash we went again on the hunt for food.

we finally found a chicken place where the lady was really sweet and they had a ramp but we decided to take it home.  They were really sweet and gave us free drinks as service and I think they felt bad for me!  hahaha!

we later tried to catch a cab and this couple helped us out to get a cab and to put the wheelchair in the trunk.  At first they almost stole it but I think they realized we didn't want to cross the street that we tried to get a taxi but the crowd was covering us... lol!

we got home and ate chicken and just chilled out.  It was really nice to get out!

Now I'm just chilling here getting ready for work on Monday.  I downloaded a super old version of internet explorer for mac and am trying to do evaluations that needed to get done this last week that i was out of work... hopefully that'll help me have less work on Monday to go back to.

I'm nervous cause I'm getting all new kindergarten students and pretty much all new classes and because I wasnt there last week the disciplining might be a bit hard... maybe even more since I only have 1 leg and I hope they feel bad for me and don't want to act wild and crazy!  LOL... all my classes are on the 3rd floor but we have an elevator in our school so YAY!!

Anyway I better get back to work but I thought I'd update now while I had a chance!



Raquel said...

You poor thing! How long do you have to be in the wheelchair? Do you teach all kinder kids? I will have 3-4 kinder classes and I have no idea what to do. HELP!! :) I can't wait to get to Seoul so I can finally meet up with you!!