Stick With Me! *^^*

So last week I was back to work and I met my new kindergarten students who are absolutely precious!!  Seriously!  Love them already!  super smart and cute!  and this is only their first year in school... maybe it's because I know some Korean and can communicate pretty easily with them (sorta!).

Well that week was short-lived cause Friday I went back to the doctor and got some upsetting news.  I was told that my foot was not getting any better and therefore I would have to spend another week at home elevating my leg 24 hours a day until this Friday... I was supposed to get a cast last Friday but because my foot was still swollen and bad I couldn't.  This Friday (*fingers crossed*) I will be getting my cast and hopefully back to work on Monday.  I shouldn't have been working in the first place according to my doctors and so this makes me pretty upset because I hate missing 2 weeks of work... but I need to heal and now I'm trying to get better.

My foot is healing pretty okay I think.  It's definitely REALLY itchy but that just means it's healing right?!  LOL!  So yeah... this week I'm stuck at home resting and being bored!  Sorry nothing exciting has happened but hopefully by the beginning of April or mid-April... I will be back on my feet (with hopefully new shoes...hehe) and exploring Seoul!

Please stick with me!



Lola O. said...

I hope you get better soon!!! We need to hang out:)!!!