2 walls down...

I have 2 walls of posters and things down which leaves 1 wall left and the rest of my things to pack.  I've packed 1 suitcase full of clothes and things and while pulling things down off the walls, the things i'll keep, have been going in 1 of my cupboards for another time.  I'm back to resting in hopes that I won't hurt myself more and I can get back to a new job soon!  Thing is, I don't feel anything... no pain and I can't tell if my foot gets swollen when it's not elevated so it's hard for me to tell myself to rest when I feel I have nothing to rest for... hahaha not sure that made sense but whatever.  Anyway.  I've talked to 2 recruiters on the phones and they both seem really enthusiastic and wanting to help me out.  I talked to 1 this morning and she sent me some schools... unfortunately the start dates are April 1st and I'm not sure what my doctors are thinking... I go back Wednesday and am going to BEG them to let me work some.  I can't afford to NOT work anymore.  I'll be staying with my friend for the time being after I get things moved out this weekend and hate to burden her with me and Uyu... he's hopefully going to be well-behaved.  haha.

Later on, I expect to get the rest of my posters down... and another small suitcase filled with the random stuff and clothes I don't plan to wear this week.  My friend, Jei, went and got me food to last me the week!  YAY!  I'm not going to order any more Papa Johns OR McDonalds... lol!  This apartment is really starting to look empty... so strange... I sometimes still can't believe this is happening... but everything happens for a reason and 1 day I'll figure that reason out... for now I'm just working to fix myself and get back on track...

Quick question for the expats out there... do you have any idea how hard it is to get an apartment here in Korea?  There's a good after-school program, I was looking into that need a teacher but don't provide housing... if you could email me I would love that!



Foreigner Joy said...

Housing = A real apartment in one of those tall buildings is hard to get. But to get an officetel isn't too hard. Just need to have the key money (deposit) which can be kind of high. I don't know if the employer would help you with this. In the area you would be working there are probably many realtor shops where you can go in and inquire about what is available. You can even see the place first before making a final decision. This will require a Korean person to help you.

It will depend on your area and what you are willing to settle for as far as space and price. Whenever looking for your own place always see a few places first and negotiate. Have a checklist of important things tolook for when you visit a place.
-no mold
-size of kitchen / bathroom
-comes with a stove


Anna said...

Hey Gabi! I just got caught up on your posts -- I'm so sorry to hear of everything that is going on. Life is so unexpected that it's crazy! But just know that no matter what, things always turn out the way they are supposed to! :) I hope things start looking up for you soon and I hope you're able to get a job soon, too! :) That is actually what I wanted to ask you about (sorry, I always seem to have questions).

When were you able to start contacting recruiters for jobs? Did you have to wait until after graduation? I've contacted Korea Connections and WorknPlay, but I am confused as to what I should do (apply now or after graduation). What did you do? I'm anxious to start looking for jobs but I don't know if I am even eligible yet since I haven't graduated. I'm just really confused! When you get some time could you give me some advice? Thanks!

Keep your chin up-- things will start looking up soon! :)