No Everland!

Everland was canceled due to the weather... so kelsey and i decided to hang out anyway!  we were already up at 8:00 (BAHHH... so sad!!)... we headed to the bookstore in Jonggak Station near Jongno and got some books as well as dvds and cds.  definitely shouldnt have spent any money but inevitable sometimes... hahaha!!

then headed over to hongdae to walk around and see what it had to offer.  we got here just in time to eat at Dos Tacos for lunch and do a bit of shopping.  it's been a pretty productive day but I cant believe i have to be back at work tomorrow... lol i feel tired and in need of a nap!!

Hopefully next weekend brings about a more fun-filled adventure!

It's been a

yes it's time for a mini-update... last time i posted...umm.... june 13th... i had just gone to see the world cup at coex and since then Kelsey and I have been to the one at City Hall and missed the last game.  I'm hoping we can go to see it somewhere where we wont DIE...LOL!
check out this really cool video from

it's pretty awesome and definitely captures the fans of korea!

I have officially been in Korea for 11 months!  1 more and it'll be 1 year!  so exciting!  Time has flown by a great deal and I'm glad to not be a newbie... haha!  My mom had her birthday on my 11 month anniversary and sunday is my sister's birthday.

today, we took our students to watch "The Little Dragon" the musical near Gangnam... it was a pretty cute story but now I'm super exhausted!  LOL!

I havent dgone out very much...Just hanging out with friends and stuff... and the occasional visit to Flair. 

This sunday I'm going to Everland with Kelsey and am super excited!  there will be lots of pictures!

well i better make sure i have all my work done!

2-0 Korea

Last Night... pretty much all of Korea watched the World Cup Game... Korea vs. Greece

After getting ourselves pumped and ready, Kelsey and I headed out to Coex to watch the game with hundreds of Korea Red Devil Fans.  we stood and sat in rain, puddles, and gross  It was so worth it all!  (even if I'm getting more!)

It was so great to be in the middle of it all.  Koreans and Foreigners cheering together for Korea and seeing just how much pride this country has for their team.  It was so so so AWESOME to see how everyone celebrated together.  Although there was lots of pushing and annoying times before the game... after the game started it was all forgotten!


대한민국 (Dae-Han-Min-Guk!!)= Korea
Korean cheer:  대한민국 *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*대한민국*clap*clap*clap*clap*
The spirit of Korea stayed alive for the whole game and definitely continued on through the night!

After the game, Kelsey and I headed to the Flair bar to celebrate with our friends and later watch the American vs. England game at 3AM.

It was a good night and I can't wait to continue watching throughout the week!

대한민국 화이팅!!  ^^


Definitely expresses the happiness felt by all of Korea!

Time for a mini-update!

...while at work bored out of my mind... It's Tuesday... June 8th and I have no afternoon classes so I'm just chilling after having planned for the week...

Nothings really happened since my last update... hmm... I've definitely been busy with studies though!  LOL!  I've been keeping my outings on hold for a bit because I tend to spend lots of money and I'm starting to get low on my money tree... This week is pay week though so i'm super excited!  I've seen a few movies before my tree started to wither... I saw How to Train Your Dragon in 3D... I want to see it in 4D since I live near TechnoMart which has it in 4D here in Gangbyeon!  WOOT!!!!  I also have seen Prince of Persia (which I didn't pay for!  double woot!)

And then last Sunday, I visited a church with my Korean Friend, Sunny.  It was really nice and everyone was really great about trying to speak English to me.  I even spoke Korean and everyone was so impressed... unfortunately my skills aren't too great so it could only go so far.  But it was still really fun and I'll visit again soon when I have some time.  I made some pretty cool friends so I'm hoping to visit with them soon too.

Last Saturday, I went to Samgakji to pick up a new cat to foster.  I dropped off my adoption papers for 우유, my cat, Milk, and will have officially adopted him on Thursday.  I'm excited!  I really love having Uyu and am happy to be making him part of my family!  This new cat has been officially named Coco and didn't do so well on Saturday with Uyu and me but after some time alone overnight and some loving the next morning, he's been doing great!  He's taking some time to get used to actually sleeping at night, as opposed to "meow"ing the whole night through... I think Uyu must have had a talk with him because last night was better... it's so funny how i can tell that Uyu is seriously annoyed with this new noisy 1 year old cat... who steals his food and sometimes his bed spots... but he's handling it quite well... haha!

This next Saturday I have a doctor's appointment that I've been meaning to go to... I'm hoping to get good news... only thing I'm worried about with my foot is the part where it's swollen a lot after a long day... I'm hoping it's nothing and just standard after being on bed rest for almost 2 months.

Other than those small things... nothing big!

I'm ready to get paid and go out and have fun!  My first check was smaller than expected because I didn't work a full month before... but this month should be just right!  YAY!

Uyu is on the Right and Coco is on the left... ^^