No Everland!

Everland was canceled due to the weather... so kelsey and i decided to hang out anyway!  we were already up at 8:00 (BAHHH... so sad!!)... we headed to the bookstore in Jonggak Station near Jongno and got some books as well as dvds and cds.  definitely shouldnt have spent any money but inevitable sometimes... hahaha!!

then headed over to hongdae to walk around and see what it had to offer.  we got here just in time to eat at Dos Tacos for lunch and do a bit of shopping.  it's been a pretty productive day but I cant believe i have to be back at work tomorrow... lol i feel tired and in need of a nap!!

Hopefully next weekend brings about a more fun-filled adventure!


stephanie. said...

gab! you're slacking on your posts. lol how else am i supposed to keep up without regular ichat dates. i miss you. stop slacking :) love ya friend.