Weekend Fun.

So we didn't go to Everland again BUT K and I had some fun around Seoul.

Friday night, we met up to go to Hyehwa and just eat Subway and visit the Flair.

Saturday we met up and went to Jonggak to the bookstore.  After visiting Bandi and Luni's bookstore at exit 3-1.  We headed out to Insadong, we walked around (A LOT!) and visit the mall there.  (i need to upload pics next!)  after that, we decided to eat some traditional food in Insadong.  We ate some ssamgyapsal (thick bacon ;]) and beef with some yummy sides.  After eating, we headed out to have some tea and dessert at the traditional tea house there in Insadong.  Afterwards we tried to walk to the Cheongyecheon but got a bit lost... we took a taxi to the river and proceeded to walk around.  we jumped onto a horse and buggy because they looked so fun!  we took pictures and threw our tired feet into the river.

afterwards we took the bus as close to our next destination as possible and took the subway the rest of the way to nowon.  after walking a bit more to find my bus stop, we split ways at around 12pm... haha and slept well that night too.

the next day, i slept for most of the day and met up with K in Nowon to do some sparklers for the 4th of July celebrations.  After eating dinner, we headed to a park nearby and set off some sparklers!  SO FUN!!!!

and now the week has started again... this weekend there isn't much plan... just resting and meeting up with some friends.

pics will come later tonight when i get home!