It's been a

yes it's time for a mini-update... last time i posted...umm.... june 13th... i had just gone to see the world cup at coex and since then Kelsey and I have been to the one at City Hall and missed the last game.  I'm hoping we can go to see it somewhere where we wont DIE...LOL!
check out this really cool video from

it's pretty awesome and definitely captures the fans of korea!

I have officially been in Korea for 11 months!  1 more and it'll be 1 year!  so exciting!  Time has flown by a great deal and I'm glad to not be a newbie... haha!  My mom had her birthday on my 11 month anniversary and sunday is my sister's birthday.

today, we took our students to watch "The Little Dragon" the musical near Gangnam... it was a pretty cute story but now I'm super exhausted!  LOL!

I havent dgone out very much...Just hanging out with friends and stuff... and the occasional visit to Flair. 

This sunday I'm going to Everland with Kelsey and am super excited!  there will be lots of pictures!

well i better make sure i have all my work done!