It's shaping up to be a good week!  I, of course, haven't had much time or energy to pack up but I'll end up doing it tomorrow night sometime... hahaha!!

Today, I went to work in Gangbyeon... was a little late cause I didn't have cash and couldn't get my bank card to work with the ATM so I had to use my international card ㅠ.ㅠ!  And then I had a ton of walking to do in the Nowon subway... my foot is not happy... I finally got on the subway and made the trek.

Once at work, I observed several Kindy classes and met some of the classes I'll be teaching.  They're so cute!  ^^.  My class has 5 students and the others have up to 8 students.  They're all on the same floor and in my home room class, I have my own desk where I can keep stuff and do work... however without a computer so I'll probably just use my private classroom with the computer.  I had kindy from 9:30-3:20pm (no real break except lunch... but that's okay cause of what's next!).  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I teach 9:30 to 2:15ish... and then I start my Elementary classes at 3:20 and have 2 classes... 3:20 to 5:05... and then I'm done... allowed to prep for other classes and what-not!  On Tuesday and Thursdays, I have kindergarten from 9:30-3:20ish and then I am done... I don't have ANY Elementary classes and am allowed to prep or maybe even go home... ^^.  I, also, found out that I don't have really any korean co-teachers.  Hahaha!

Forget the crappy apartment... I have an awesome schedule, pay, and area!  WOOT!!