Birthday dinners and celebrations~

So last Thursday was my birthday~ yay~  I turned 23.

Youngsu and I met up for dinner in Dongdaemun and just got to hang out and have a nice birthday date~ He surprised me with a new pair of shoes which are couple shoes~  haha!

On Saturday, 9/24, Youngsu and I got haircuts and we think they turned out quite nice~~ haha!  After spending the day looking for a birthday present for his dad and getting our hair all nice and pretty, we headed to his house to meet his parents for a birthday dinner for his dad.  We headed to a yummy galbi place nearby and ate to our heart's desire~  Afterwards we were presented with free cones of icecream!  YUMMY!!

 After!  (aren't we cute?!  hahaha)

Here's where we went for dinner with his folks~~

This next week is a holiday so Youngsu and I are planning to have some fun going fishing and riding boats~  ^^

Look forward to the next post about fishing in Seoul~~

(here's a cute picture of Toto in her fort while you wait for my next post~~)