So this morning, Youngsu and I headed out to the Gwanghwamun area to get an affidavit for my license and to get my license.  After a little problem because of my visa type, we were rerouted to another location.  Tip* (apparently) if you have an E-2 Visa then you'll need to take the written test and need to go to a DMV office and not the Seoul Global Center... otherwise go to the Global center near City Hall station.

So we headed off to Map-gu Office area to the DMV there to get my license.  We walked in and headed to the foreigner area... which btw doesn't seem to have an english speaker manning the desk... soooo good thing I had Youngsu with me. (^.^)  *Tip2* since I'm from Texas... apparently I didn't have to take the written test (like the woman at the Seoul Global Center informed me... ㅠ.ㅠ) ... just an eye test and I was done.

After we were finished with our paperwork and testing and paying... we took our stuff back to the foreigner desk and were told to wait 1 hour and we could get my license the same day~

I was quite surprised how fast and easy it was to get and it'll last me 9 years!  I had to trade in my license and was informed that if I didn't claim it in 3 years, that it'd be disposed of.

Whelp... it expires next year so I think I'm good.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

anyway~~ here you go~~  a preview of my beautiful Korean license that I hope to put into good use soon~!