3 days!

So i've received my etickets... selected my seat number... and repacked probably about a gazillion times! lol! it's so amazing that i will be leaving in less than 3 days!

My flight has been scheduled for Tuesday at 11am (i'll be arriving in Korea at 3:05PM and 1:05AM-Central Time) and I plan to be at the DFW airport about 8:30am or so! lol! so I probably wont be sleeping Monday night cause I never get to sleep on nights before big days! like the night before graduation i definitely couldnt sleep... i woke up a million times in panick that i forgot something... So I might as well use the night before to get ready rather than attempt to sleep! and it should help me sleep better on the plane. We'll be leaving the house at like 6:30-7:00 in the morning anyway!

i picked a window seat towards the very back of the plane cause I want to be close enough to the flight attendant area and bathroom so that I can walk around without worrying about annoying anyone!

(my last flight to China I got up to walk around and one man told me to not walk around him so i just stood in the flight attendant area near a window. lol)

I picked a seat that has an open seat next to it (for now at least...) i'm hoping it stays empty and i get a seat alone. if not that's okay cause it's only 2 seats as opposed to 3 or being the middle with like 5! lol! i hate bothering people! lol!

after I arrive... I'm supposed to exchange my currency at the airport and find a pay phone in hopes of getting a hold of my director so the assistant director can pick me up from my bus stop... lol! i'm then supposed to find a bus (i have the number here somewhere... i printed the directions and have them in my purse...lol) well the bus is supposed to take me from the Incheon Seoul Airport to a bus stop near Hanseong University (i even have a sign to show the bus driver to make sure i'm on the right bus!!)

after the bus ride I am to meet the assistant director where he will then take me to stay with another teacher where they apparently have several open rooms. I'll stay with them until after the teacher that is currently in my apartment moves out at the end of the month. This will be good... I wont be completely thrown into Korea alone... lol hopefully they know i'm coming!

i'm extremely excited to be going on this journey... it's so strange how quickly everything is going! it's all gone so smoothly that I know this can only come from God!

these last few days will be filled with visiting family and packing...

oh yeah... once i told my dad about my friend that i met at the Korean consulate getting her TEFL certification and making more money, he has begun encouraging me get the certification and even possibly stay in Korea for longer or even a different country if it comes to that. It's such a change cause he has not been fully on board with me leaving. i've reassured him that if i do get another contract that i'll use my flight back to visit my family at the end of my contract. it makes me happy to know that my family supports me and to know that they Love me enough to let me go.

I ♥ my family and am definitely going to miss them!

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Procyin said...

It's not too hard to find the buses at Incheon. They have big numbers.

Also, I'm reserving a rental phone for use when I get there (to call the director from the bus, and a few days until I get a permanent one). They are cheap cheap.


Have fun!

SeoulSearching said...

that's a good idea! what kind of phone are you getting when you get a permanent one? like are you planning on getting a plan or pay as you go? thanx for the website!

Procyin said...

You must have read that YBM info sheet, so you know they said pay as you go is expensive..so I will either lay down a deposit or attempt to get a contract phone for cheaper with my girlfriend (who moved back home to Korea before).

I plan on being around more than one year, so I won't mind signing a contract (we have to do that here in Canada anyway).

SeoulSearching said...

yeah i did... are you working with YBM as well? I am thinking about getting a contract too since I plan to live in South Korea for longer than a year as well.

Foreigner Joy said...

I am working on my TESOL certificate (same same as TEFL) and it hasn't been too hard. Check out "iCal" it is where I am getting it online. But I would start teaching for a bit before starting so you get the feel for it.

I got a phone contract at Technomart and only pay 22,000 Won a month...cheap ^^ Take someone with you there and they can help you get a deal.

Have a nice flight!

algol said...

LG Telecom does not require a deposit from foreigners. You just need to present your alien registration id (Korean) and a bank account number (for automatic payment of phone bills)

currency exchange:
The exchange rate at the airport is way lower than at the banks in Seoul... so you may want to exchange just enough to last you a day or two...

SeoulSearching said...

Algol: Thanx for the information! I was a little worried about the deposit! so I'll definitely check out LG Telecom! Yeah i'm hoping to get a good exchange rate so i'll try to check out a few banks.

Foreigner Joy: I told my dad that it'd probably I wait till like a break to get started on anything so I think it might be a while before I start and I want to also look for a good deal! I'm not sure what the differences are with the hours and the certifications? like more hours better certification?