Invalid? maybe I wrote it down wrong... is it...

Yes that's right... my Visa Issuance Number is invalid... I didn't write it down wrong but somehow I think it's missing a few numbers cause it's supposed to have 8 numbers after some letters and mine only came with the letters and 6 numbers. So i've emailed my director and hopefully she'll email me back tonight and i'll call them back tomorrow morning...

i guess this means i'll hopefully get my appointment tomorrow since i've been "set" aside... hopefully... :)

anyway... while i freak out... i'll continue to freak out about fitting all my clothes into my suitcase... which is starting to be impossible... thank goodness my mom is off for the next week and a half... till about right before i leave... so i know i'll have her helping me... i did a trial run... it's horrid!!!

anyway... i'm off to do something else but wallow in my suffering... haha!




Chris in South Korea said...

It'll get figured out. Meanwhile, bring only clothes needed for your working life and your social life - you'll find you don't wear much else. My closet? Dress shirts, black slacks, and a few pairs of pants and polo shirts I wear on the weekends.