*so i've seen a pattern in my pretty much every two days i pretty much write a new post...that's probably too frequent...but i get bored so i just get on here and have a little go at it... hehe

the last few days have been filled with just working...yesterday i worked from 10:30-7 and then when i came home we watched New in Town with Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. i think it's a cute movie! Stephanie and i went to see this when it first came out as one of our fun roommate date nights! lol!

i really can't wait for he's just not that into you! lol! that's another one we went to go see as soon as it came out! haha! i love that movie! and i think it's the movie that made me currently obsessed with scarlett johansson! or maybe it was Lost in Translation...hmm who cares! i'm on a mission to collect all movies with her in it! just a few days ago i bought In Good Company cause it looked interesting and it has her in it! lol! i figured out i spend a ton of money...

in the last 24 hours...i have spent money movies: Memoirs of a Geisha ($5), Nanny Diaries ($5), and New in Town ($19); lip color that i probably didn't need but it was 2 for $9!!! lol! i bought a Dr Pepper and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...yummy...Stacker3 cause this lady said that it worked! woohoo! i paid $140 at the eye doctor for 1/2 year of contacts...i spent $25 at the post office mailing my wii to it's new pretty much that's a lot of money i've spent...some useless and some need-filled...hehe...i get paid tomorrow and hopefully can start saving a lot more up... i wish somehow i was able to save so much more...but it's of my own weakness that i can' also need to go to Ross and stock up on fun clothes and to hastings for some good ole used movies...!!!! and also need to buy a ton of stuff from walmart BEFORE i quit so i can use my discount! lol! i'm bad...

i still have to pay the school $100...ergh!

well anyways...good news is i received my transcripts today in the mail! woohoo! now all i need is my diploma...and i'll get a job and be off to a new adventure! yay!

anywhoo...another useless blog but it's the only thing keeping me sane right now! haha! i need to probably go through my junk so i don't leave too much here for my parents to deal with...

but for now...i'll be reading blogs hoping it helps me adjust a little better to life in South Korea! i get so excited while reading all these blogs! :]


Saranghaeyo- I love you!


Foreigner Joy said...

I read a lot of blogs before I left too. I still read a lot of blogs...which still helps me haha

Chris in South Korea said...

A warm welcome from the other side of the drink. Chris in South Korea here - and for all intents and purposes you sound normal enough. Everyone has their own fears / worries / concerns; in some cases hearing things from the horse's mouth can be very helpful. If you have any specific questions, feel free to check out my blog:

My e-mail's on there too -)