home sweet home

it's a bit bitter sweet to be returning to the nest...i mean graduation was amazing and just being to share that moment with my friends and my family was great but it feels like i'm back to square one. i mean i have a plan...sorta...lol! i'm going to be working at the good ole walmart till about july cause if all goes well then i should be leaving for south korea by then. as soon as i got here to my house, i asked my parents if i got mail and i did! it was my return envelope with my criminal records check and the apostille for it! i'm not sure what my next steps are...all i know is i pretty much have everything i need...: 1.) criminal records check and apostille 2.) 7 (well 12...) passport sized pictures for my Visa 3.) my passport 4.) transcripts ordered 5.) diploma on the way 6.) i graduated from college on May 9th...(yesterday! woohoo)...

i'm very excited to be beginning this new journey although it doesnt completely feel like i've gone anywhere...except having moved 1/2 my crap back into my house (new house since my parents moved last year...lol)...now i have no room of my own and pretty much no privacy. My Mac is crap...trying to work on that...not going well unfortunately...and now using my parents old computer which doesnt write half of the paragraph that i write until 2 minutes later...i can't open more than one tab at a time...and check my e-mail on my ipod...lol i begin work at this walmart next monday and go to the doctor for a check up and a few questions on how to take care of myself for the next year in south korea. as well as an eye doctor appointment as well so i can get contacts for the next year (or glasses...we'll see)...then i have to go to the health department and start my series of Hep. shots for before i leave. i heard it's not necessary but better safe than sorry.

my diploma should arrive in 3-6 weeks and my transcripts in 2-4 weeks hopefully...lol which sets everything to arrive approximately around June 12th to June 30th. then i have to send off for my Visa...which could take another few weeks unless i go to Houston myself...(which is a possibility)...anyway enough boring talk of me getting to S.Korea.

I'm super excited and I dont think my family is really hit by it yet except everything I do I'm doing to prepare for it. like trying to figure out where to get 2 suitcases to fill 50 pounds worth of stuff in it a piece since i wont fit into anything when i get there! lol as well as going to the docs and trying to save money and pay bills. i cant wait to start buying stuff and filling the suitcases! I'll have it packed and ready to go way before I go and even probably repack several times! lol!

i know that although it will be a while before i see my friends...i'll see them again. and although this may seem like an unrealistic thought...i wont not let it happen. i'll see them again. it's never goodbye...it's always see you later (i know really corny and from some corny movie...lol)...sorry for a boring blog!

anyway...i've still got a lot of life in me and i'm ready to live it...1 country at a time...beginning in south korea...super excited!

let's get it started!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! You are almost there. The process is more than half the battle. Before you know it, you'll be on the plane wondering where the time went.