Losing communication with the Real world...

Okey dokes so i've just been chilling out this wonderful afternoon after work. I'm currently watching Wednesday's American Idol show on my DVR (which apparently is only 1/2 hour long...ugh!) . I know who won...YAY KRIS ALLEN! lol! who knew you'd finally pull through past Adam. btw this performance of So What...i don't like it...and Jazmin's note was horrid! sorry hon...anywhoo... So You Think You Can Dance has begun...unfortunately i missed the first episode...ugh! lol! it's okay i'll catch up..

Tomorrow i'm going to Dallas! WOOHOO! i'm going to see April, Kristen, and Phillip! yay! i'm super excited! especially since Korea is right around the corner! anywhoo...(btw i'm not a fan of David Cook)...and i'm not sure if i like too much if they bring back the videos of people doing horribly...it's a little mean...don't you think?? Idol Awards?? Really?

anywhoo...so pretty soon i'll be losing contact with the world pretty soon besides the computer. my parent's phone contracts are going out on June 6th. so i'm not going to have a phone after June 6th. so no texting no calls (i seriously hate talking on the phone so this isn't bad...) but i text like nobody's business!! lol! well maybe i'll just use my mom's phone like my sister does...jk...i'll just have to live without it... sad day! lol!

anywhoo...watch this video of my boyfriend...it's a sad beginning but it's gets better towards the end!: