No one else can speak the words on your Lips

annyeong! (hello!) annyeonghaseyo? (how's it going?) gamsahamnida (Thank you!)

So you may wonder why I've got random Korean words at the top of my blog...well I'm trying to learn Korean! Isn't that exciting! lol I'm trying to figure it out and make it easy so I'll listen to different podcast such as the Kimchi girls and they're really funny and make it fun and easy to learn! lol! I also have Korean for Dummies which is so fun when I get a chance to read it...which is why I have my wonderful podcasts! lol! I'm such a nerd!

Anyway, I think this blog is going to focus on a few things that I need to get done and get before I get going to South Korea!

1.) Criminal Records Check:
2.) 7 Passport Pictures:
3.) E-2 Visa Documents
4.) Degree
5.) Transcripts
6.) Talk with Korean Consulate nearby!
(I'm sorry I know these are boring things but I'm getting to the exciting stuff!)
7.) Shoes (cause apparently Korea doesn't carry above 9 generally (i'm a 9 1/2 to 10...)- Snow and Rain Boots are a must! And then possibly some walking shoes like chacos!?!

8.) I need a huge suitcase to put my blankets and sheets and large amounts of clothes since I wont fit into anything when I head over! lol!

9.) Stock up 2 months ahead of time on :-P
10.) Gifts for my boss and other teachers
11.) Lots of Deoderant and a few foods I might want for a few!
12.) LOTS and LOTS of pictures!
13.) Something to carry my Wii and Wii fit safely with me on the airplane...(Yes I am taking it with me...ON the airplane not through luggage claims...)
14.) Pillows...(i'm still deciding...)
15.) SPACE BAGS to help with my packing!
16.) Cute lil souvenir things for my students!
18.) Gloves! :]
19.) Clothes
20.) Converters (ugh this will be hard...) to convert the right amount of electricity through my computer and to my Wii and what not that I bring like my straightener...
21.) Lonely Planet Guide to South Korea and Seoul
(which I have Lonely Planet Guide Seoul on the way through Books-A-Million)
22.) Money- $500 about
23.) iPhone!-

I need a 3G network phone that is compatible with the network in Korea...and wouldn't you know it...the iPhone is the thing that probably will work the :]

Pretty much i'm going to quit boring yal...whoever reads this but this is just a list basically for me to figure out what I need to get done before I leave...AAAAHHHH...i just need to pass now I!

If you have any suggestions on what else to get and bring let me know!
(Of course I didn't mention stuff I already have like my laptop and!)

♥ ♫



Chris in South Korea said...

Shoes are a necessity - but stores do exist that sell them... If you're tied to a favorite brand / expensive ones bring them - but cheap shoes can be found relatively easily.

Blankets? Don't bother; DO PACK YOUR SHEETS if you like them tucked in. The Korean version of a 'sheet' is essentially a thin blanket laid on top of the mattress. Expect a long twin bed like you had in college, and pack accordingly.

Clothes are cheap, easy to find, and in most sizes. If you're larger than a typical Korean girl you'll need to look a bit more, but things can be found.

Converters are a tricky one - your best bet for most electronics is a TRANSFORMER (a big heavy box that accepts American plugs, but plugs into the Korean wall). If your Wii has an adapter (a small box) on the power line, make sure it can go to 240 volts. After awhile you might realize that buying Korean is a easier / better way to go.

Bring as much money as you can. Cash is a wonderful thing to start out with - and most don't bring enough.

Ask around: the Korean cell phone networks ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD. I don't honestly know whether an iPhone from America would work here in Korea...

Take care - and I'll see ya when you arrive --

Chris in South Korea