A day at Achasan Children's Park for our 100일~~

Youngsu and I celebrated our 100 days in Achasan at the Children's Park.  We brought along our little yorkie, Toto (even though she really wasn't allowed... haha).

Here's some pictures from our day.  we were just lazy and lounged around until we decided to visit some of Youngsu's friends... AND before we decided to call my parents ^.~

At the end of the night, we called my folks cause Youngsu had something to ask my daddy...

Youngsu asked my dad if he could marry me... and of course my daddy said yes~~ I have pictures from our webcam but I think my mom would kill me as it was early in the morning.  hahaha~


This blog might turn into a wedding blog... oh my~


Jasmine-Chan ❤ said...

Just saw your blog and it's so interesting!~ n_n Your the first English teacher in Korea that is from Texas and is Hispanic that I know about because of a blog & I think that's really interesting since English teachers I've seen blogs about in Korea are usually White~ I hope you and your boyfriend have a wonderful wedding! It's such an interesting thing to have 2 weddings in 2 different countries :) Your one lucky girl! :D I hope you don't stop updating this blog cause it's epic! I'm thinking about being an English teacher in Japan and in Korea and your blog has inspired me more. I know it's not always all wonderland, but there's challenges in life for everything!~ :)It would be very interesting if you made a post on how you met your bf!~ (I hope I don't sound like a creepo lol)since I heard it's difficult for foreign girls to date Korean guys. Muchas Gracias! n_n