"in the future don’t go where I can’t see you"...

20 gazillion points if you know what the quote in my title is from... hehe

so update from the last blog... things are going better... i got my heater fixed on friday morning... the day we had off for a school holiday or something... not sure what but whatever!  haha a day off is a day off!  i spent my day off doing scanning of books at my school... haha so i sorta worked... and getting ready for another observation at my school.  not sure if i mentioned this in a previous blog but i had an open class about 2 weeks ago with 1 of my classes and then the next day after that i got observed twice in another 2 classes so i had a stressed week!  but all is well and i have 1 coming up on tuesday cause it was previously canceled.  i'm trying to not really think of it cause it'll go fine and i've done well so far in the last (almost) 4 months!  it's so strange that it's already been almost 4 months!  haha!


well... ah.  yes so funny thing is... if you havent guessed... i'm obsessed with Kpop!  haha!  i've decorated my room and covered in Kpop... or Kmen should i say...  I never have people in my apartment so i never thought that when my heater and tv broke down that people would be in my apt... well yeah so i had a person from my school (who i work with... male late 20s/ early 30s maybe) see my Kmen dressed up walls... haha talk about awkward... then my landlady and mechanic guy who came to fix my apartment saw it... and i'm thinking the person who had to fix my tv saw it... haha probably thinking i'm super weird!!!  haha but whatever!  ^_^.  Oh here's my High Cut Wall... hehe!

so yes my tv and heater got fixed all before the weekend!  too bad i didnt stay in my apartment most of the weekend!  haha!

one of my friends invited me to come to her birthday get-together on saturday and i gladly came!  it was so much fun!  so my day Saturday started out going to visit my friend before the bday fun!  i went and got my hair done... took forever BTW!  haha but i had a good Kguy working on my hair... nice and tall and... okay i'm done... haha very cute to say the least!  hehe!  well i got in there around 3ish and go out of there and back to my friends apt at like close to 7... it was crazy!!!  but they did a wonderful job!  i love it!  just a trim and my hair lightened... ^^

then it was off to meet our friends in Itaewon.  we started off at Wolfhound Pub for dinner and starter drinks.  I had a Cosmopolitan and a Strawberry Margarita (which actually was just a slushy drink piled high!  haha)  then we were off to the Loft... get in for 5,000 and women get free drinks all night!  We met up with more friends there and just pretty much stayed there for a while!  haha!

I generally dont go out and party so this was my once a month hang out with my friends night!  it was great!  Then today, my friend was giving away a bunch of her stuff cause she's heading home next week!  I'll miss her!!  but she'll be back in January so i'm excited!  haha!  Got some cool things for my apartment... and definitely was a squished 30 min ride back by taxi!  haha! good thing there wasn't much traffic!!

Soon I'll be going to visit some Korean Museum with my Korean teacher hopefully!  She's trying to get a group from her classes to visit places in Korea like we did last time to the Village!

My Korean classes are going great!  i love the teacher and just learning the language... definitely can be difficult... especially remembering everything but i'm hoping that I can start to practice it a lot more and get comfortable using it with my Korean coteachers and Korean friends... ^^.

Also... if you haven't yet... you need to get started on Watching Iris and You're Beautiful... definitely 2 of my favorite K-Dramas at the moment!!

well i'm off to bed but hopefully i'll have more fun stuff to write about soon... my mood is more cheerful than the end of last week and I still Love Korea!!



Kelcclay said...

I Know, I Know!!! You're beautiful!!!! :-D

and YAY for your KMen Walls!! They're awesome! and you should totally be proud of them!!! lol.

Kelcclay said...

P.S. Now i;m even MORE excited for my High Cut Magazine!!! :-D

P.S.S. Where do you take Korean classes? that is something I totally want to get into when I get there! I took 1 quarter of Korean in College, but that wasn't nearly enough. lol.

Lola O. said...

I'm glad the heater got fixed and you had a fun time. My walls will probably be like that when I'm there too:)

Foreigner Joy said...

Kpop guys are so much more sexy than Kpop girls!

Anyways I'm still around Seoul if you want to get together..

hapa.babe said...

can u become my follower on blogger? =D

hapa.babe said...
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Anonymous said...

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